VS Direwolf | Octopath Traveler Ep. 42 | Blind Let’s Play

VS Direwolf | Octopath Traveler Ep. 42 | Blind Let’s Play

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hi and welcome my name’s Danny Roane our
career back to that’s biographer Avila and last episode we continued the story
hopefully our story and our treasure is in front okay um let me just okay yeah
oh yes chapter tool we start off in a stripper – alright let’s go
we were kind lling the flame of saints bridge which means we are practically
basically done in the town but some things happened and what one thousand
something’s happened we meet those three kids one of them lost a brush and made
the other kid responsible for that and yeah we are his kids what’s running after a dog that probably had to brush
in his mouth and yeah this kid ran into this creepy dark forest and yeah we’re
gonna save these kids because you don’t want kids to be running around creepy
forests oh no good kind of bothers me that every time when
I press a button on my door switch controller you can literally hear it I
mean so loud all right fire or they are almost all stunned all right what am i
doing X FX everyone s access my group I think except for failure to probably use
them now what did you just do to her how dare you do this
Cyrus said has he casts his flame upon the enemies how what oh man
awesome sleep you’re burning what is her oh she silenced or like
silent state of this game I don’t know what it’s called I have a fight offense
mindset you know ah still asleep yes but all right we need 910 it roughly
800 900 oh I don’t like to lay out of this I really don’t get why there’s a radar
in the corner I mean this there’s just like this you can really see a pair for
something so yeah twice a map at all it’s not really a map but it shows us
what things are close by and all that but still it’s not really helpful you
ask me especially if you your orientation sense kind of sucks like
mine I mean sense of direction what am I talking about first language is not
English did I say that already I can’t express how much I love the song
I hope if we enter chapter free and if there’s a new bear music for chapter 3
we get another good song and if he doesn’t if we don’t then
please keep this song cause it’s amazing oh it shows that we have to go to the
right to down light all right fire that did a lot of damage wait Syrus they still take a lot of damage for what what did you just do to me all right good
you please sign this time timber how dare you how dare they throw a tree on
us no no there is a Sun like Hanif or even though you call it way of
speaking like Shakespearean accent son not why is it an exit kite shield
wrinkles are so good yes what does have only defense yep
I know it’s like a Shakespearean way of speaking I have no idea you call that surprised your father does more damage
for those spells thing Oh failure weird one of them is our way that the only
death bro my vamoose vindaloo all right no the most annoying thing like all their texts it nothing to it I really hope we fight against someone
with weak against access because we have a lot of those would be perfect
she’s about to reach level 26 we are we will be prepared for the next boss I
think all right Cyrus I want to backtrack a little so do this we’re all
good I don’t really don’t like to lay out of this this dungeon way too many
roads to go to follow it’s a complete nightmare for me not to mention that
they are like all those enemies swats
SWAT – yeah that’s right this looks like a really annoying
combination and he broke everyone in one turn well – but he broke everyone let us
realize she’s a thief Jess Piatt gone there we go getting close to a next girl – lets go this is where I came from right I think
I just caught everything on the left oh it’s uh see that’s what I mean it’s so
uh don’t like it as a treasure we’re just gonna predict that there’s a
treasure and I can’t open somewhere around here what’s one in every dungeon
so far I got a place serious now form form
yeah just gonna use some healing things how we enter the boss fight your dad wildfire was like a bird or Phoenix that’s an ability that everyone needs
like attacking twice occasionally that’s an ability that everyone needs okay
thank you again how did I do that I didn’t even mean to go back to okay my
shows me one more safe point so I’m just assuming that’s we are not close to the
boss I just realized I could she’s she’s an apothecary she could use like this ex
attack it goes away after everyone I’m not doing that fight the fire it still only has like
1,100 feet I know you are mage and all that but still come on one more battle
and vegan tenets almost bingi that’s good there’s a pink treasure yeah it’s that
means that only Furion can open it right never check you surprised to follow
you’re so dead six hundred and they’re not even weak against that that’s crazy and warm and so I was gonna level up so
he gets all of his people awesome alright let’s see Hanif when we
have here oh we can only take this one that’s right Mercer strike that’s like
for catching monsters I guess Effendi’s rage religion highly powerful bow attack
on all foes all right patience Alfred’s the ref in this
I was like handles like the names of most people that I get where my where I
get my new jobs and all that all right what’s this
Griffin character again not 25 cent she hacked me again at the end of a 12
what yes yes that sounds kind of broken so a bass clef to backtrack to every
dungeon with cheaper with virion if I don’t bring him along that kind of sucks over there great punished it’s like
eating everyone right so Hanif has a chance of attacking twice and getting
two turns that’s not problem then I don’t know
what is what does it say 25% chance and it’s not low eater you got like 50 HP after its level up Oh God now it’s not enough if she do estimate all right now Cyrus boom 3000 and
tracers 1000 I just realized we can get her is there a good I probably want to
get to another shop right now and Hunter gives this one second serving
civil rights give me Fanta for now that’s gonna check those are some pretty broken skills so
yeah maybe I want that Thunderbird arrow storm and more quicker hit chance is probably
not too bad either no the others not near-death that rarely
happens so yeah way with that not that speech
saver and critical hit chance yep
hands item all right let’s get him the last fing
lizard elephants and Lightman’s for free transfer cast by a single
chosen li that usually targets all false will instead we focus on our Singapore
increased intensity mmm that sounds good what’s the last thing new character will
regenerate HP each turn what it’s kind of a waste on his low HP but I think it
keeps him alive a little bit but you know what we do now we’re gonna do but
only makes sense for her right now your form I need to prepare because treta
will be in the party no matter what so yeah um maybe that’s she can heal her SP with rest so yeah
and yeah got a bunch new things with her when using a non damaging skill on a
Ford there’s a 50% chance that she will attack as well speed by fifty year nondamaging skill on four she doesn’t
really have any of those so yeah more speeds well do I want more speed or
critical probably critical yeah all right now get a job spec she was a
particularly by the way if equipped of weapons again I think yes right goddamnit Oh mas excels at eggs that we got from
this one boss it’s not really good but yeah everything like this elemental attack yep all right continue what well I have
to come back to this area away so yeah we’re just safe here and then we go this
is some place to discover yeah uh yeah look at that money a lot of money
I still have to come back you in a way so yeah oh wait no here with those guys
really quick and then the boss will be the main menu Sunday now we have a nice attack on
everyone should be good 160 not like 1/10 and I think that was
one tenth of his actual HP a well like I said kind of a waste on him because it
doesn’t have HP they are non-existent so yeah I don’t feel a girl ever dressers
about to get a level up as well all right look at that for sure
physics mmm really that’s not good
come on scale o Sphinx up please I should have you up myself I think the
only lost like 100 HP each so yeah wait a doc Oh watch out there’s gonna be a
giant monster right how far in here am i hmm I have to find a proof I’m sorry I
haven’t found it yet please just give me a little more what are you talking about
you gotta get out of here like a dog forget about that stupid dog
but there comes Tori did you hear that run for Emile there’s
a really big talk stay back the damn little and here comes Ophelia what were you
this is all failure and Cameron I arrived in time now get by me both of
you right don’t worry everything’s alright
you two were very brave now fee-only could be in a way alright
jeez okay what’s his name all of this near what am I supposed to write that in
the title excuse me do we have to turns on the next one what No Lancers and you
you need to like analyze it spring eyes and 32,000 again oh yeah a little lower
than I actually thought all right I need to steal I forgot dang it
hex no there’s one weapon left I think what SWAT then there’s a whole lot of
magic I’m not yes thank goodness that the author is
always like same she doesn’t have any all right fire no it can’t be fire right
fire ice fan uh probably light right I go by that order and compared to light
to all of this thing I’m just gonna yep let’s go you got two transits now it’s a
direwolf what it looks like I’m farting if I if I put my leg on like against my
table alright Oh stealing healing great bunch that it’s not worth it probably do that if they are then again
I just mm and let’s do notice this and if only
half thoughts could actually hit that would be awesome so far this guy is easy
just do that and you steer 4000 yes okay fledgeby we got this panel totally
got this battle we got this boys and girls all right let’s try this out God dang it
actually let’s save those things yeah I have to use this like lightning attack
when they are on and it’s broken can I do something here elemental
defense I just attack no patience law my corners just be called direwolf why
does it have to be called like holes what not yeah that’s probably a name
from Norse mythology I guess what oft meow something I only know one like you
don’t get off yeah I guess the cult I guess it’ll do some heavy damage please
3,000 it’s one tenth of its HP’s so yeah that’s good he always uses one turn to get even more
shield geez look at that yes 11 shield do I want to do it I think I want to do
that and it’s broke now all right yes and once you get everything down like
the boost points and all that this game is actually pretty easy all right you give me a lot of money free towel yes I
follow get only a fraction of the damage tried to but for me I get the full thing you know that’s the usual problem with
Cyrus he runs out of SP he really needs that one ability to get him like that
houses its attacks his magic attacks let’s wheat pants now what please calm
down dang it I’m gonna attack next song it’s got it
this time carefully using our SP potions so if you don’t use them unlike the
wrong people you know what after this didn’t help didn’t heal yeah I guess
it’s status Oh No well status ailment another Oh God your
stop it oh my god that is not good but we should be fine you know if I I know
that was us if I get to the divine skill off him
then it those our text will be a lot stronger oh yeah
what do I want with you I want to save your things probably gonna break your
leg son should I she almost feels off completely alright how much y’all yes
okay arrey don’t like that you get three turns right she stopped hmm do I get him broken this time I
probably want to do this for or it’s like try to do this
I mean those are free a text on the afternoon come on come on come on No
out of all the times a great fighter Fenton and let won’t do
anything dang it okay that could have been a lot
worse all right yeah thank you
now you do this now Savage well she can use a thingy when I have to
get those names down aspiring plumb that’s one of Tears SP no not on Hannah
and Silas please I almost did it again that’s why you’re like what’s waiting
all right can I get even more money out of this I can get more money out of this
awesome now it’s this guy’s toward free Tom’s attack good job she do yes yeah probably have to look up
that name said I can copy it into the title or something but I have no idea
how to write this those items do not hear enough no you don’t oh that’s not
good not chop a class but what’s that no boost good job yep no boost of course it gets a turn
after this and is that good huh job Cyrus got a lot of money out of this 200 XP
instead of the usual 100 that we get from every random enemy you saved our
lives you kick that spot okay now everything
is alright good trends to scare you monsters you said it come on anyway
let’s go back home hang on if you just give me a little bit more time what more
time to get killed you think that was the only Monsignor or did he make it
that’s what I always get every time when you like a kid runs or someone with an
armed or something runs over to a dangerous place they usually make it up
until the very end I mean how how did this kid get through all those monsters
but I and there’s a bruise right everyone is happy everything turned out
really good see I know I’d find it Emil you that’s going in here Thanks I knew
you had it in you know let’s get out of here I know we laughing the devil has
something he wants to say yeah he does Darryl I mean I shouldn’t have said any
of those things I said I’m sorry Sophie being so mean to you and my mom died it seems so unfair
I think I was trying to make you her too yeah it’s okay
I knew you were sad and I couldn’t do anything to make you feel better either no one else can hurt you quite like a
friend can you understand each other now and that’s what counts
you know play nice you’re here I really am sorry you me it’s all right besides
it saved my life if you hadn’t jumped in that way that piece would have eaten me
alive yeah I mean look at she look at that
thing that got three turns all right boys saved until we we are
back in town come along and everything was fine Rizal spotted money make for the cattle so much for that that was an adventure I have returned excellency I don’t want
to speak what oh yeah that’s why Mira you know cousin whatever we know you
could ask me Kulu muta genius gun hi no era you eke
automatically listen uh c-can you can i Akeno you’re lying I wish they waited 10
yo Rio novo motorists are arrow hurry Kojima kikuchiyo memory so no whoo no
RKO theta Cano arrow hurry kannada tina munim Ichigo Okinawa arrow skin & Co
colors so ready way how come beating out tyloo side with honey Viva so no how
come it you know guru or its history Dimas is you named my skinning who can
automate economy – OH – Doretta you see who that is cure can Aviva in enemy
cheetah Scalzi who know their Tokyo christimas before conch I know hideous a
monotony viewer yes ash good at that okay who know what a she knew Asami
Emma’s ye na Kodomo tachi mo anata no such tiny
school a letter hug this so they wear the small is it ah more simply I’d imagine where the
similarities are gonna get it man go to the shiny we play Michelle that
breakfast is supposed to go someday sister Ophelia leaves Saints per tried
her journey far from over with one last pair to the sacred flame of this land
then might bring happiness to children living here she mocks for gold Shore a
town in the coastlands they’re the second Church awaits her on her journey
all right but right now you know we have to go
back to this forest with fearian cos treasure so much money we have good
amount of money now oh come on you like you’re like free
levels higher than you were before oh how it is still like 70% chances come on sir ah miss path skill sucks
doesn’t seem to work most of the time and yeah yeah wha Hema it’s not really
good for home age should probably give some some of those I should probably buy
some of those things I I only invest money in weapons and not
our Mo’s so yeah that’s probably my demise someday why wasn’t I in here so
yeah let’s go rests and let’s get ferry on and some other
people but we can go back to this woods to get some treasures one to be exact we
got a lot of level ups I think I mean she must like level 24 something 23
being 24 now she’s 27 I mean that’s crazy
all right we need fear yawn yep they are all stronger than my current
people now Albrecht elfin hopefully slower 20 22 I’m not giving it giving
them the second drops right now but see I don’t need to buy weapons give me that
probably so no can use the heads right so Louis silver arm oh yeah let’s make
it only a physical tank she should be really with ya five thousand three thousand zero okay
what is inspiration hale and hearty HP plus 500
I don’t probably get that skit with everyone because yeah 500 HP for
everyone that should make sure that we all survive for a long time I don’t have
I don’t have Cyrus with me to get lesser encounters damn it ah why is it so loud come on Tressa you can help us take help
those people right and over it which is my tits what need to level up our people
anyway I mean the stories only gets harder from this point on earth needs
only level 2022 and yeah we kinda need to get beyond that point that’s at least developed in my level yeah was easy just skip through all of
this what I don’t do for some treasures right
Oh surprising for awesome oh it’s not weak
against that off we’re gonna take a break from the from
the story missions anyway because yes I think like Hannah or elephants next area
next town where I have to go I don’t think I have to cover that yet so yeah I
still need to find some of the next sounds that I have to go to so we’re
gonna spend one part to find those those areas
I’m gonna check at the end for this part alright now this area again let’s follow out that I probably didn’t
bring a heater but alphas arla it was as an a particularly – so yeah if you only
have two priests or cleric jobs and everyone can be a good reader you can be
a hero and you can be a hero this is probably a really annoying and swatch so not that why do I always
go down we were all ready to press up I mean starting from down which restaurant
when I get there chose his kitchen well tracer doesn’t seem so far away
from everyone am I just imagining things the ‘treasure
was across the river right now this again exam
this guy needs some more to attack things kind of sucks that he’s only
character can’t attack with Glenn amis like that I mean it’s like one of the
things that makes the battles easier needs the only character relaxed tacos
so yeah all right 24:25 I mean and there’s a
treasure please don’t make me fight another enemy you just get that and go
home pressing a pressing eight clarity stone
what is that what equipment prevents confusion alright don’t need
that now but yeah and I’m gonna check out where we go next in the next part
because this is like taking too long off-screen probably I go look at the map
off-screen and see it there we go next and which character we do in a area
after the next part and yeah hope you enjoyed smart please consider leaving a
like a comment or subscribe and I see you in the next part
bye bye

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