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Have a drink and sit down it’s going to be
long Music The little twerk of the beginning, you know that I
love it, i love to dance So in this new video as you
could see in the title let’s talk once again to be well
Yes you know it’s the essence of my channel to talk about health wellbeing
, here in this context I will talk to you of weight, you will say that I repeat myself
but it’s not in vain, I’ll explain how weight loss can change your
life Yes I speak to you knowingly,
as you can see it was me before , and that’s me after, so you see
clearly the difference, I’ll tell you something, even if we say that I accept
my roundness, I feel good about myself, my body is wrong my loves because when
physically it’s going to stress me so everything is better, we relativize more easily, you
know, before I was very complexed by my weight because yes do not lie to us
XXXXL sizes, it’s complicated is very difficult to find something
sexy, something cannon, whatever something close to the body, something that
will not go like that, who will put you as that will not go like a glove, because
Well, it’s very difficult, when we has roundness, fat, bulges
, we sweat quickly, we move with difficulty we are tired easily, we are incontinent
, girls who have a lot of weight, you know what I’m talking about, you’re more easily
subject to with, heart attacks, rate of high cholesterols, in short there are many
things, we sweat v Cleanse your body via detox solutions can lose
weight and stay healthy because To lose weight, it is essential to have a
clean colon, free of impurities. Indeed, you will see that a settler
poor health is responsible for many troubles and that one of the major consequences
of a clogged colonist is to make fat. So you have to clean your intestines
to lose weight ! First of all what is the colon
The colon is part of the long gut of 1.5 meters- that forms, with the intestine
hail and the rectum, what’s called the digestive system. More commonly, we call
colon: Large Intestine. It is very important for transit, since
his role is to transform what remains food from the intestines
(residues, waste, faeces) and to make it easy
expellable. This is where the intestinal flora (microbiota), bacteria
useful to our body to regulate it. All this leads us to understand that having
a healthy colon facilitates elimination the superfluous in our body, allows to eliminate
the toxins and to keep only the elements essential to our organization.
In contrast, having a colon in poor health causes various disorders and pathologies,
including weight gain. There are several effective ways to clean
his intestines to lose weight and to leave again on a healthy basis. Among the methods
more effective, there are 3 methods that we plébiscitons.
The young Effective though a bit compelling, perform
a fast allows to empty the colon in depth evacuating waste without filling it
again. We recommend a complete young maximum of 36 hours, or a weekly fast which
helps keep his colon healthy. Fasting is a good solution before
to embark on a slimming program, because you go on a healthy foundation!
Probiotic foods * The mimosa: It is a purgative, which helps fight against constipation. he
Be aware that being constipated, apart from external inconvenience
is bad for the intestine. The elements harmful stagnate in your colon or place
to be evacuated as soon as possible and they multiply. This allows them to be taken out
quickly before they proliferate. The colon cleansing
This more radical method consists in perform an enema of your colon by the
through the instillation of several liters lukewarm water in your colon. elimination
will then be done naturally and completely and your gut will be like new.
To use this method, you need material and a little know-how, and we
recommend that you talk to your doctor before any action. For that, take a bag of mimosa, and
a 200 gr aloe vera leaf, peel and cut, mix both in 3 liters
water Wear ebulition
Then do a deep purge during at least 20 minutes, keep the product on
longer in you, and do that at minus 4 times every month in addition to your
diet Errors not to commit to clean
his intestine to lose weight During a detox, in order to find
a healthy colon, there are certain things to avoid absolutely.
* Consume proteins: they make things more complex the work of the stomach and intestines.
More difficult to transform, proteins require additional acid secretion
in your stomach to be eliminated, what counteracts the detox action
business. * Fats: they are to be avoided when you want to clean your gut for
lose weight. Aside from the fact that they accumulate in you, they will mostly curb the action
of the colon and thus slow down the elimination superfluous. * Consume only liquid: an error
commonplace is to think that to clean your intestine to lose weight, you should not
consume only liquid. No ! Although teas, infusions or other soups are
more than recommended, it is very important, for a regulated body, to consume
solid foods. Eat fruits and vegetables indicated for a cleaning cure
effective! Clean your intestines to lose weight, the beneficial detox
To clean your intestines to lose weight will be a essential step if you want to shoot
maximum part of your slimming initiative. But even without wanting to follow a diet,
it’s very important to keep your colon in good health.
On the one hand, suffer from intestinal disorders every day can alter your mood and
harm your daily life. As much as you save this by eliminating these problems. Else
the consequences of disturbances bowel movements can be cumbersome
of consequent weight, appearance of pathologies more or less serious, rejection of certain foods.
If you have an imc above 27.5 even please pay attention if it exceeds
28 then you are in morbid obesity and you know what I’m talking about, you live
daily urinary leakage, acne sleep difficulties to wear your
body, to carry the children because you can not not bow, you can not play
with children for those who have them So as you understood if you take
the decision to lose weight then he will you must also click, find this click
if you do not get there, hang in there you in mine it was not the look
others, the look of society and this mocking look I know him I have very
often lived, it was my children and for them I’m lost at all, I did not want
not that they live without me, you need your motivation, why did I say stop
stop, we start from 150 KG to 71 KG, I do not do not tell you it was easy but
I got hooked proof that you can you hang on too,
This herbal tea of ​​which I spoke to you above , which is called mimosa save my life, contact
me on facebook passion passion or on instagram and
I will tell you about it, it is this, I insist on because this brings me back from between
dead, I will want to share this precious this with you, because when we’re not good in
his life, nothing goes, parallel to the mimosa I started to have a diet
very strict, know that the mimosa as we said above, empties the colon, cleans
the belly is a natural appetite cutter a millet and a virtue, I have so much talk
go read the benefits of this on my site rosemoony.com, you know, lose 150 kg
is not trivial and still has to be able to keep that weight, so I wanted some
thing over time I did not know what which was good or bad for me, which
was holy, saturated, stuffed with ogm, j so have opted for something simple
easy, a balanced diet that that I took everyday, as you have
saw do you think to drink your drink in the morning at wake up and in the evening before sleep, do
also your purges 4 times a month, and I will ensures in 3 small months you will lose
so much weight, you’re going to get into your size 36, in your size 38, listen
I went from 48 to 38, listen me, small sizes even in support
I put small sizes, as I said in the morning when you wake up take a drink
of this on awakening, for more efficiency I had crashed and I had a drink in
water in the morning but if you do not may not want to be because it’s too much
lasts at first, so respect this recipe , take as they said especially if you
have left for a treatment over three months , so boil three liters of water put
a packet of herbal tea and bring to a boil when ready, go down the pot of
fire and let stand, cover the pot drink two cups with lemon a day
especially at the couch but as I said, I did not do exactly the same way
I took a spoon in the morning and a spoon at night in a half glass of water
so it’s up to you, in the daytime think to prepare your milkshake, with these products
highly controlled, without grease, dirt saturated matters, not contrary to rich
in mineral proteins in short all that the body needs, and you will come to tell me
here in three months, so here it is I wish you good luck and above all, hang in there
you think to share this so that reaches a maximum of people, read and
comment, think especially of the bell notification


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    voici comment nettoyer le cĂŽlon pour perdre du ventre, perdre du poids rapidement!
    Dans cette nouvelle vidéo, j'expliquerai pourquoi et comment en trois mois à peine, vous pouvez changer radicalement la tendance, perdre du poids comme jamais auparavant, rien qu'avec l'aloe vera et les feuilles de mimosa, je vais expliquer le dosage et l'utiliser tout le temps pour soyez-en sûr et vous verrez qu'avec détermination vous serez à votre meilleur.

    Je vais vous dire quelque chose, mĂȘme si nous disons que j'accepte mes courbes, je suis bon dans ma peau, dans mon corps, c'est faux mon amour parce que quand physiquement ça me stresse donc tout va mieux, on relativise plus facilement, vous savez, avant que mon poids me rende trĂšs complexe, car oui, nous ne mentons pas les tailles XXXXL, c’est compliquĂ©, il est trĂšs difficile de trouver quelque chose de sexy, quelque chose de canon, quelque chose de proche du corps, quelque chose qui n’ira pas comme ça, qui va te mettre comme ça, qui va pas aller comme un gant, car hein bah c c'est trĂšs trĂšs difficile, quand on a des courbes, du gras, des rouleaux, on transpire vite, on bouge avec difficultĂ© on se fatigue vite, on incontinences, les filles qui ont beaucoup de poids, vous savez de quoi je parle, vous ĂȘtes plus facilement soumis Ă , crises cardiaques, taux de cholestĂ©rol Ă©levĂ©, bref il y a beaucoup de choses, nous transpirons v Ne Il est essentiel d'avoir un colon propre , exempt d'impuretĂ©s. Il est essentiel de perdre du poids et de rester en bonne santĂ©. En effet, vous verrez qu'un colon en mauvaise santĂ© est responsable de nombreux troubles et l'une des consĂ©quences majeures d'un cĂŽlon bouchĂ© est sa croissance. Vous devez donc nettoyer vos intestins pour perdre du poids!

    Tout d'abord qu'est-ce que le colon
    Le cĂŽlon est la partie de l'intestin – 1,5 mĂštre de long – qui forme avec le petit intestin et le rectum ce qu'on appelle le systĂšme digestif. Plus gĂ©nĂ©ralement, le cĂŽlon s'appelle: Gros intestin.
    C'est trĂšs important pour le transit, car son rĂŽle est de transformer ce qui reste de la nourriture de l'intestin (rĂ©sidus, dĂ©chets, selles) et de faire en sorte que tout cela soit facilement expulsable. C’est lĂ  que la flore intestinale (le microbiote), une bactĂ©rie utile Ă  notre corps pour le rĂ©guler.
    Tout cela nous amÚne à comprendre qu'avoir un cÎlon en bonne santé facilite l'élimination du superflu dans notre corps, élimine les toxines et ne conserve que les éléments essentiels de notre corps.
    Par ailleurs, le fait d'avoir un colon en mauvaise santé est à l'origine de divers troubles et pathologies, dont la prise de poids.

    Il existe plusieurs moyens efficaces de nettoyer vos intestins pour perdre du poids et commencer sur une base saine. Parmi les méthodes les plus efficaces, il y a 3 méthodes que nous applaudissons.
    Le jeune
    Efficace mais un peu contraignant, le jeĂ»ne permet de vider le cĂŽlon en profondeur en Ă©vacuant les dĂ©chets sans les remplir. Il est recommandĂ© d’avoir un jeune adulte de maximum 36 heures ou un jeĂ»ne hebdomadaire qui garde son cĂŽlon en bonne santĂ©. Le jeĂ»ne est une bonne solution avant de se lancer dans un programme minceur, car vous ĂȘtes sur une base saine!
    Aliments probiotiques

    * Mimosa: C'est un purgatif, qui aide Ă  lutter contre la constipation. Il faut savoir que la constipation, outre les inconvĂ©nients externes que cela provoque, est mauvaise pour les intestins. Les Ă©lĂ©ments nocifs stagnent dans votre cĂŽlon ou votre lieu pour ĂȘtre Ă©vacuĂ©s dĂšs que possible et ils se multiplient. Cela leur permet de sortir rapidement avant de prolifĂ©rer.
    Le nettoyage du cĂŽlon
    Cette mĂ©thode, plus radicale, consiste Ă  effectuer un lavement de votre cĂŽlon par l’instillation de plusieurs litres d’eau chaude dans votre cĂŽlon. L'Ă©limination se fera alors naturellement et complĂštement et votre intestin sera comme neuf.
    Pour utiliser cette méthode, il vous faut du matériel et un peu de savoir-faire. Nous vous recommandons de consulter votre médecin avant de faire quoi que ce soit.

    Pour cela, prenez un sac de mimosa et une feuille d’aloe vera de 200 Gr, Ă©pluchez et coupez, mĂ©langez-les dans 3 litres d’eau.
    Porter ebulition
    Faites ensuite une purge profonde pendant au moins 20 minutes, gardez le produit plus longtemps en vous et faites-le au moins 4 fois par mois en plus de votre régime alimentaire.
    Les erreurs de ne pas s'engager Ă  nettoyer votre intestin pour perdre du poids
    Au cours d'une désintoxication, afin de retrouver un colon en bonne santé, il y a certaines choses à éviter absolument.
    * Consommez des protĂ©ines, des graisses …

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