Velaiilla Pattadhari – Tamil Full Movie | Dhanush | Amala Paul | Velraj | Anirudh Ravichander

Velaiilla Pattadhari – Tamil Full Movie | Dhanush | Amala Paul | Velraj | Anirudh Ravichander

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You won’t make it You will never make it Sleeping till eight thirty!
How will you get anywhere in life? Wake up! My name is Raghuvaran This is how my dad
wakes me up everyday I’m one of the lakhs of engineers
who passed out in ’99 wanting to make it big On Day 1, I stood outside
my college and thought… …’Yes, I’m going to become an engineer!’ I smoked, I drank, I bunked college
and I went to the movies I had many arrears but
I cleared them in my final year I thought I was the engineer, but there were
a hundred thousand others like me About ten thousand of them,
genuinely smart, get jobs Twenty thousand of them
might have influential fathers Thirty thousand might have
ancestral business I belong to the remaining majority Which is: Good-for-nothing! Good-for-nothing! Your brother’s bike won’t start
Go drop him at work and come He’s three years younger to me But I’m woken up to drop him at work It’s just your little brother
Drop him off Why can’t he drop him this one day? He’s been sitting idly for four years
after finishing his engineering, right? And so much ego! All the punch dialogues
he cracked after high school ‘All the buildings in the city
will be built by me’ Only managed to build castles in the air You greet someone in the morning
with ‘You’ll never make it’ What do you expect? How will you get a job
if you go looking like this? If you shave and tuck in neatly,
you’ll get hired My mother believes that
shaving will get me a job Brother, I’m getting late for work Please, brother
Let’s go This is my brother
He’s taller and better looking than me Most importably, he has a job This is my vehicle My dad bought to for me in 7th grade
for getting first rank – Hey!
– Brother? Come here I dropped you, right?
Give me twenty bucks I don’t need your money This is just taxi charge for dropping you Go on My name is Raghuvaran I’m an unemployed graduate ‘Unemployed graduate’ If a guy is jobless, they make him
to do all the household work This is my dog His name is Harry Potter Don’t ask me why I named him that
I don’t remember I’m tired of filling applications Now I do it mechanically After finishing engineering,
you either need to work as an engineer Or take whatever job comes your way – To the living room?
– No, take it to my room upstairs – Where upstairs?
– The room to your right I don’t understand I said it’s on the right side
What more do you want! Right side Fine, I’ll take you there
Come If fate had been on my side… …that guy carrying the cupboard
would have come a little later This is my fate Who’s moved in next door? A doctor called Gokul
They look well off They have a daughter
She looked like a movie star! She came home this afternoon
to borrow our hammer Really? I was home all day,
I never saw her You’re home all day
That’s my problem A good-for-nothing should
always be arrogant If we bend over a little bit,
they’ll screw us over This happens in my house very often I struggle to hide
this cigarette packet everyday Brother, give me the laptop I have office work!
Give me the laptop Oye, wait Always on Facebook! You’ve got a group for unemployed people You call yourselves V.I.P and
there are sixty thousand members! You’re mocking me ’cause
I’m borrowing your laptop? Take your laptop and buzz off It’s hard to not look at the girl next door If she looks like a movie star, I would obviously be excited about it Harry Potter! Go, go If you don’t have a job, even the dog
you’ve petted and named won’t respect you Who is it? Aunty, I live next door The ball fell in
So- Come in
Take it What’s your name? Raghuvaran Where do you work? “String Puppet” serial has started!
I’ll come get it later Hey, you watch it, too? This mother-in-law is so mean! Even I don’t like this
character at all, aunty If someone troubles my daughter like this,
I’ll just ask her to come back Aunty, you have a daughter? Yes, her name is Shalini Has she gone to school? School?
No way, she’s twenty five Is she asleep? No, she’s gone to work Her father is already getting egoistic, That his daughter is making
more money than him She must be making
around fifty thousand a month? Fifty thousand? Her father makes almost
a hundred and fifty a month She makes two lakhs a month! Even jobless girls don’t look at me This one is out of question You’re coming out of this house? No dad, the ball fell in I saw you coming out of this house
when you were sixteen Even then you told me
you’ve come to take the ball You were playing with
ten other boys then Now you’re playing alone They’ve all got jobs now Three families have lived here And it’s been painted five times But you’re still the same See if there’s some work at home How that girl gauges me is up to her But I need to try my best I need to see that girl
who looks like a movie star I thought he’d study and build houses He’s playing with plastic You just need an excuse to deride him The dog follows him
Birds of the same feather flock together I’m generally not such an indecent guy I’m a very- okay, I’m a
somewhat decent guy Hey, Harry Potter! Wanted to feed that dog,
where’s it gone? What are you doing here? – Your dad wanted to know
– Nothing – What’s that in your hand?
– Nothing, mom Give it to me What is this? I told you, right
A new project for the engineering What does it do? It’s like a telescope
Things that are faraway look closer Not me, mum! Look up! You’ll be able to
see the stars, the moon Yes, it looks so close! You can’t touch it, mom Raghu, you made this yourself? You’re a talented guy But why aren’t you getting a job? Talent is not enough these days Talent is more than enough Have you watched the Titanic? Yeah, the one where the ship breaks
and everyone falls into the sea and dies The hero sits with the heroine
and watches the stars in the sky I’m doomed to watching it with you! You devil!
You’re in love and everything? Who would love me, mom? What’s wrong with you? You’re handsome, intelligent I’m unemployed Girls these days want minimum security I have a friend’s birthday
party tomorrow Everyone has to bring
two thousand bucks Please arrange for that money somehow Okay, I’ll get it from your brother I’d rather get slippered! Either get it from dad,
or I’ll go there empty handed Okay, we’ll see Raghu, here’s two hundred rupees Mom, I asked for 2000
and you’re giving me 200 I could only get this much
Make do with this Couldn’t flick any more from your dad – Bhuvana!
– I’m coming, dear At least get me one thousand, mom I’ll be in trouble if I take any more – I said come here, for a minute!
– What’s with him? I’m coming! – Mom, please mom!
– Take this! That’s all you get Wow, he’s got a car! What’s this, suddenly?
I thought you’ve bought a friend’s car Want to try driving? This is not my thing, son I’ll drive
Let’s go for a drive Okay It’s my favourite brown colour!
You never told us Get in, mom Brother!
Let’s go for a drive! Go ahead, I’ll- later – Yeah, he’s a busy guy
– Okay, brother What’s the mileage? “What’s with him, he’s not coming?” Cheers! Okay, guys
The two grand we’d agreed on No problem, dude! I know you’re unemployed
When you get a job! You keep this money aside
We’ll need it later, okay? These guys are all members
of the V.I.P group None of them are in jobs appropriate
for their qualifications One of them is in a call centre,
another takes care of his dad’s business Another guy has become
a prof in the college he went to One of them is an assistant director
in the movies If you heard the kind of abuse
this grad takes from that director! This is not done you guys, stop! – Are you drunk?
– No, sir Yes, sir Get the money, pay the fine Sir, are we driving?
We’re just walking What!
Creating public nuisance, eh? There is no public here
Who are we being a nuisance to? Give me your ID cards and bring
your parents in the morning – But we didn’t do anything!
– Please, sir You look like you’re making a lot of money
Treat me and you may leave What is it? Sir, we’re walking because
we don’t have money Is that so?
Take your mobile out Make the call Call your parents! Sir, please sir! Don’t beg him, guys What do we have here? You could have done this sooner Wasting my time! Dude! That was awesome You killed it! Superb! Sometimes, 200 bucks
from your parents… …give you might hold
more value than two grand! “What a meal!” “What a meal!” “The patties I fried are gone” “What a meal!” “The kite I flew is now torn” “What a meal!” “My plans are ruined now” “What a meal!” “We’ve been stomped over” “What a meal!” “I’ll tell you the moral of this story…” “What a meal!” “What a meal!” “What a meal!” Are we done?
We’ll wrap it up? Watch how I wrap it up now Brother, calm down! So, you said you have a moral
to tell us let’s hear it out! The moral I have to say is… “Like the crow is black
I’m wearing sandals” “Stay sharp, friend don’t you get it?” “Raw mangoes are
bitter Ripe ones are sweet” “Such is life this won’t change” “If you find love…Keep it!” “If it goes away, let it go!” “If luck is on our side
Make the best of it” “When you run out of luck, run away!” “My lord!” “My Lord, I’ve put my faith in you” “I’m going around,
trying to find my path” “But your eyes never saw me!” “What a meal!” “What a meal!” “The patties I fried” “The patties I fried are gone” “What a meal!” “The kite I flew is now torn” “What a meal!” “My plans are ruined now” “What a meal!” “We’ve been stomped over” “What a meal!” “I’ll tell you the moral of the story now” No, thank you! Mommy! I’m sorry! Shall I drop you home? Oh gosh, no! No!
I’ll go on my own Mommy! Why are you following me? I’ll walk you home Oh, company? What is your name? You’re right
I’m a drunkard, a stranger You shouldn’t tell me your name My name is Raghuvaran Pleased to meet you Know something? My kid brother.. Three yours younger to me Has bought a car! My dad is so proud! But I couldn’t be completely happy I’m not jealous or anything Maybe I’m a little jealous But what can I do? It’s all my fate Why are you walking with me? That’s my fate! Oh god!
Very bad fate! Hello, we’ve reached your place You’ll be okay? We’ve reached my place? Yeah The house next door? Yeah What!? You, in the blue clothes!
Come here What? There’s a girl in this house Her name is Shalini She looks like a movie star it seems My mum told me I even made a telescope
and tried to look But I was unlucky even there She makes two lakhs a month, it seems Why don’t you go home? Got a cell phone? A mobile! What for? I need to call my mum and
ask her to open the gate Where are you? You’re waiting outside? Hang up now! I’m coming “I’m nothing without my mother” “I’ll be so happy without my father!” She hasn’t even locked the gate? My mum has come
You can leave Hey, what is it? Are you drunk? He had crashed there Crashed? You’re embarrassing me! If your dad finds out, we’re dead – That girl was drunk and ran over me!
– Shut up and come – What will I do now?
– How was the joyride this morning? Shut up! – Have you eaten?
– I’ll slap you Be quiet! Sit down I’ll go check on your father Stay here He’s asleep
Go in and sleep quietly – Don’t get in trouble!
– Would he yell if I get in trouble? Hold on to me, or you’ll fall down! Yeah, right! I’ll fall I need five hundred rupees for groceries I’ve left it near the prayer table Tell the newspaper guy
not to throw the paper outside It gets wet and
I am not able to read it If he does that again I won’t pay him How many times to tell him! Karthi’s car is dirty – Ask this mister to wash it
– Yeah! Okay What’s he clutching
his head like that for? Poor thing has got a headache What’s he done to get a headache? Don’t start off in the morning! Keep encouraging him like this
he’ll get nowhere What did I encourage now!
Just go, now You stupid dog! Mom! Why are you hitting me? I struggled to get you
two hundred rupees And you get drunk? Mom! I asked for two thousand
You only gave me two hundred You got drunk when
I gave you two hundred rupees If I’d given you two thousand,
you’d have smoked pot? Mum! Behave like a dignified housewife – Using words like ‘drink’ and ‘pot’!
– I’ll slipper you, rascal! You’ve embarrassed me so much What’s so embarrassing? I came quietly and lay
down at home, right? Lay down at home? You were lying on the road, you dog! The neighbour girl picked
you up and dropped you home The neighbour girl? Yes! It was so embarrassing! Why, don’t you remember anything? How will you!
You were drunk to the brim If your dad had known,
he’d have killed you What? Where’s my scooter? Go look for it where you crashed You’re so irresponsible!
What if someone takes it? That’s funny Look at the strut
Go bring it He asks me to wash the car
and you agree! Shut up and go No one wanted to even sell your parts! Mommy! Careful! Are you okay? Why’s he just walking away? Didn’t you hit me
with your car last night? Not at all Don’t lie to me! Didn’t you come in this same car
and hit me yesterday? On top of it, you lied to my mom that I was lying on the road I’m treated like shit at home, as it is Or else what? I’ll go to the cops So will I Why? You looked into my bedroom
with a telescope, right? No!
Who said so? You babbled it she you
were drunk last night Think I’m scared of the cops? My mum said you look like a movie star So I looked You’re not that great
You’re very average Buzz off So much drama
for this useless scooter You call this is useless scooter? My scooter can do
60 kilometres for one litre Can your car do that? I’ll weave my way through the traffic
Can you do that? If it stops, I can just pedal it home
Can you do that? Start driving with an ‘L’ board first Such a tawdry guy! Don’t you need a bag
to carry the flour back? Hey, coming to play or not? I’m coming, brother Jump over to that compound
and play with her toys Heads! I’m batting Okay, hit me Are you in the 2nd grade? Still playing in a plastic ball You could at least use a tennis ball Tennis ball would keep
falling on the road The aunty who lives opposite
would yell if we played in the road Hey, bowl for me I’m not talking to you
I’m talking to my brother I’m not talking to you either
I’m talking to Karthik Go mind your business
Don’t disturb our match Yeah, right! It’s some India-Pak match Doesn’t your brother have a job? – He’s just looking
– Oh no! Harry Potter! – Shut it and bowl
– The dog has run away! We’re all set with the
cooking gas, milk guy…? Yeah, we’re all set The neighbour boy helped Already made friends? What does he do? His name is Raghuvaran He’s finished his engineering
and is jobless I spoke to his mother yesterday Apparently there are many offers
from I.T companies But he’s studied construction
and is determined to do just that Poor kid, walks in to 15-20 companies
for interview every month What? For what? For calling you jobless yesterday And hitting your vehicle… And lying to your mom That’s okay I’m sorry, too For what? For looking into your
house with a telescope Saying you’re average looking If not a movie star, you look
somewhat okay Like a T.V star “Hey, look at this!” “This is a carnival” “Who’s the funny guy?” “It’s our man, right here” “Can chillies taste sweet?” “And jaggery sour?” “Can a peacock hatch from a crow’s egg?” Can’t you go pick it one day? I offered to go, brother But dad asked me to rest Touch the meat and I’ll kill you “Hey, look at this!” “This is a carnival” “Who’s the lover boy?” “It’s our man, right here” “Can a donkey neigh?” “And a horse bray?” “Can a flower bloom” “In this ditch?” “Hey, look at this!” “This is a carnival” “Who’s the hero?” “It’s our man, right here” “Can monkeys fly?” “And fish walk?” “Listen, Raghuvara!” “Can you get your hands on this?” “Can chillies taste sweet?” “And jaggery sour?” “Can a donkey neigh?” “And a horse bray?” “Can monkeys fly?” “And fish walk?” “Listen, Raghuvara!” “Can you get your hands on this?” What happened brother? These guys take up their dad’s business
without any experience And put the life of us,
engineers at stake If they have money they should go abroad
and enjoy instead of killing us You’ve just let your
ancestral property go! What could we do? They’ve bought all the surrounding areas We fought and begged to retain it First they cut electricity And then cancelled our water Now they’ve ruined the drainage,
milk, cable and phone system too! It’s done We can’t fight them You’ve snatched it away! – Bless you all
– What is it, dad? You spent 3 months
For this small piece of land And you finished it If we ignore small properties
We will not be sitting here Every Square foot of land is important Any project…
Any land… If we want it we should buy it
If not…we should take it You should learn this You are going to take over
the company in 3 months I am going to look after
our branch in States What is this, Mr. Raghuvaran! I asked you to design for nine floors
But you’ve designed for six! Sir, the F.S.I allows only six floors, sir I know all that But the extra forty hundred rupee bribe was
for these three extra floors, right? A good engineer does what he’s asked to But that’s wrong, sir We’ve studied engineering
to avoid all that, sir – Sir, the plan?
– You can take it with you I’ve approached every company
and met everyone I haven’t got the chance
to even build a hut! I can prove myself
only if I get a chance, right? You could try some other job? Yeah, but the 30-40 grand
I make every month… …would kill the engineer in me If I settle for the money,
then all my dreams would go for a toss I should just go to Banglore or Hyderabad Go wherever you want
But after the end of next month Why? Will I get a job by then? I don’t know about that But next month is my birthday Leave after that It’s okay if I leave after that? If you’re leave anyway Might as well stay for my birthday For this birthday,
I should gift myself an apple Why wait till birthday to buy an apple! There must be one lying at home
I’ll give it to you this evening Idiot!
I meant Apple’s iPhone Hey, Karthik! Brother? Switch that fan on Idle pig makes his brother
turn the fan on Yes, brother? How much would an iPhone cost? Thirty five to forty thousand When did he get home last night? Around 11 It was 11:30 when I went to bed! You’re losing track with him Watch out! You’ve come to your little brother
to get money from him Why hesitate now? You are not adjusting my night shift
and complaining to T.L. You should afraid of smart pandy group
You are not brought up well Oye!
Who are you? What? What’s it?
Come here Hit him Brother, please,
that’s not necessary I said, hit him! I said, hit him! Messing with a kid! Go sit down You’ve grown such a thick hide! Won’t you hit back? Go do your job The one who gave birth to me
Has orphaned me She’s paid off the loan of giving birth
By selling me off Who are you people?
What do you want? Are you Karthi’s older brother? He’s my little brother It’s the same thing I asked you who you were
and you are being cheeky? Break his nose! Oh gosh!
Who are you people! Why are you hitting my boy? Somebody call the cops! Stop hitting him! What will I do now? Your dad’s not even home What did you say?
Dad’s not home? Yeah!
Hey, stop! Wait…Wait… – What’s happened to you?
– It’s nothing! Stop… Nothing…wait What is he doing? Who are you people?
Won’t your parents look for you? We’ve informed them, aunty Shut the fuck up, man! What’s happened?
Why are they hitting you? – Call yourself a mother?
– Why? Won’t tell me sooner that dad’s not home? Would he have let this happen? He’d have beaten the
crap out of all of you – Go stand aside
– I’ll stand here Are you going to fight? I’ll give you people thirty seconds Apologise to me and my mother
for hitting me and run the hell out of here Or what? What will you do? I will hit you! Raghu, behind you! Oye, fall over there My flower pot! Like I care! Put the flower pot down You oaf!
Put the flower pot down Oh no! He broke my flower pot! Idiot! My wedding is on the tenth, sir I only came because
Smart Prabhu asked me to Buzz off!
Talking during a fight… Oh no! A knife! Get out of here!
Run! Who are those people?
Why did they hit you? What do you have to do with goons? Yeah, I’ve been hanging out with them! What should be your
dialogue as a mom? Oh dear, are you hurt? What happened? Who are those people? Oh no!
Are you hurt? I thought it was them Are you bleeding too bad? Where’s the logic in this? I don’t understand If a rowdy hits another,
there’s some logic to it If a politician hits another,
I can understand Why should someone come and hit you
when you’re just sitting at home? He must have done something Violence was all that was left His little brother is
struggling all by himself But he doesn’t offer to help Even last week there was an offer
at a call centre for fifty thousand He could have taken it! How long will he keep waiting to build? As if he’s straightforward When we were in college,
I was two years his junior Two boys made fun of me he hit them
and was locked up for two days And then? And then, this rope
I’m tying around your wrist? I tied a similar one around his wrist And made him promise not to hit
anyone as long as its there He hasn’t hit anyone since then
Not even you boys – So brother can’t hit anyone from now?
– Yeah Even last week there was an offer
at a call centre for fifty thousand Karthi, there’s hot idlies on the table
Eat them and go I asked for dosas! You don’t need to take that job
if you’re so unwilling You’e waiting this long
A few more days won’t hurt That’s okay If you don’t want to work,
go home! Idiot! Your salary has been credited
to your account, Mr. Raghu Then, I resign Why? I need to buy an iPhone What did I ask him? What’s up? Where are you going? Here’s this month’s salary
Ten thousand Ten thousand? But your salary is fifty thousand I need the forty thousand
for something else – What will I tell your father?
– Tell him whatever you want Also tell him that I’ve quit my job What? You quit? Why! What will I do with him? Brother! What? Please, brother
Help me somehow What’s happened? I took forty thousand from dad… …to pay fees for my computer course I went to buy a shirt When I came back,
the money was gone I don’t know where it is You have to help me It’s your money Be brave! Tell them you lost it No, brother! Dad would mistake me I will tell them Brother, please! Dad will feel really bad, brother What do you want me to do now? Do you have any money brother? Or your friends? Please! No! Keep it It doesn’t matter
who starts earning first What matters is who
earns at the right time Why so late? I could have bought a
more expensive gift But it would not have been personal Rose was more personal So I bought it Come, meet my friends What is it? Take it Open it after I’ve left You quit your job? Yeah Why? You said that other day… That it’s okay to wait You only gave ten grand? Go Get the evening paper That man let me get away? There should have been a fight! He didn’t even ask any questions You’re smoking? Don’t say sorry! You’ve earned fifty thousand… Spent forty thousand
and given ten thousand for the house You shouldn’t apologise! Why should you smoke in hiding? You could blow the smoke
on your dad’s face What’s the issue now? That I’m smoking
or that I didn’t give forty thousand You think your forty thousand
will run the household? First it was my toil Now it’s your brother’s That’s all Who needs your money? If you’d given the fifty
grand to your mother… Taken her blessings,
taken it and blown it away I would have been very happy Your little brother needs
to pay fees for his M.C.A He makes a hundred thousand a month He could have gone and
paid it if he wanted to It’s his money But he gets it from me and pays
after getting my permission That’s how you show respect He’s a real son Why are you comparing me
and him now? You didn’t do the same things for us You put him in a convent
but I went to a public school I struggle to speak in
English in the interviews You keep saying I don’t get a job! How will I? I can’t even do
a presentantion properly I could only afford
that much back then After that you shifted him
to English medium, right? You could have shifted me, too! Why didn’t you? So much partiality! You keep comparing, deriding! Why do you compare? Even our names! His name is a hero’s- Karthik! Mine’s a villain’s name- Raghuvaran If he’s so special you
could have just had him Why did you have me? What could we do? You were born to us first He was born after that At least you’ve admitted
that you feel this way You wish I wasn’t born Is that what you mean? It’s my body
My life I’ll smoke cigarettes
and do whatever I want What’s your problem? Watch your tongue! – It’s getting out of control
– Like what? What will happen? You’ll ask me to get out of- You smoke, drink,
go for a job, or don’t I don’t care But if you raise your voice to him
or speak disrespectfully I’ll kill you
Get lost! Mum and dad are very fond of you He spoke like that because he was angry Don’t feel bad You know how it is Dad gets emotional for
these small things Don’t feel bad, brother So much was happening downstairs You didn’t open your mouth to say that
I gave you the money You’ve run upstairs and hid yourself You’re preaching now? Shut up or I’ll break your mouth Sit You’re the good guy I’m the bad guy I’m a martyr! Do you drink? No brother! You’ll drink coke? Okay, brother Drink up It’s diet coke
You haven’t had it before? This is how it would be Drink it Brother? Want to drink? Already on it How long for the
construction to get done? Three months You’ve been building for so long! We’ve got a sucky engineer Sucky engineers get a chance But I’m sitting here getting drunk
in my terrace I just called you for company “I’m in search of my life” “Singing because I’m pissed off” “Humming a sad tune when I’m drunk” “I’m mixing soda with my words” “This dude’s a loafer” “A huge crackpot” “Getting hit over and over again” “I’m now a strong man” “I’ve broke now” “But I’ll survive” “I’ll fight it, I’m a fighter!” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” What’s his problem?
Why’s he yelling? It’s nothing! Won’t the neighbors complain? – What would they think!
– We’ll talk about it in the morning Thinks he’s a big shot! “Even beasts have got Blue Cross” “Who do I have, to care for me?” “I, too, want to run behind trees” “And sing duets,” “I want it!” “I have no shame or dignity left” “This plastic flower, has faded now” “I don’t say it out loud” “But I’m crying inside” “The pure heart I have” “Is worthless in this world” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” “The freeloading king is here” “Tamil is my mother tongue” “I’m single and I’m young” “Here I come, blow the conch!” Hey, Raghu! Come here What’s your problem? Why do you drink like this? What happened? My mum! Slapped me so hard I did nothing wrong Mum, dad and brother All three of them
have abandoned me Why do you talk like this? Your mom hit you, right? Ask people who don’t have mothers They’ll tell you what a pleasant thing
it is to be slapped by mum What a dialogue? You’d know if you’d
been in my house They make comparisons
all the time He works, you don’t He makes money, you don’t He’s bought a car,
you haven’t done anything When I was in tenth,
he grew taller than me My dad told me back then,
he’s eating right and is growing tall But you’re not How can I help it if that moron
keeps growing taller? He said that because
he cares about you Ha! Care about me? You wouldn’t know You’re the only child in your house In my house, they discriminate
even in names He’s got a hero’s name – Karthik And I a villian’s – Raghuvaran I like Raghuvaran
more than Karthik In the sense? Just that I don’t like any of your relatives Nor do they like me Why do you ask me
to go for that wedding? That too all the way in Chengelpet I’m not feeling well.
I’m feverish Then why don’t you just lie down? Why are you doing all this work? I’ll take care of it You take Karthik
for company and go Karthik to give me company? Take the elder one, then Don’t insult me
by calling him the elder one Yeah, the older one Bhuvana, you should not have hit Raghu He’s a man now What, then? He’ll threaten to leave home You’ll get angry and ask him to He’ll take clothes in a bag
and go the end of the street Who’ll go after him then? I would have had to If I hadn’t hit him,
that’s what would have happened Fine Harry Potter…stop Karthi and I are going to
Chengelpet this evening Mother is not feeling well Stay home and be of help to her You won’t have
any work outside anyway But stay home We’ll be back tomorrow evening You should have
slapped him twice more Take your offerings Greetings! Meditating? Yeah, fight at home I know Your mom hit you I won’t speak to her
at least for 2-3 months How do you know
that my mom hit me? You told me last night! When? You even sang
and danced in the terrace You don’t remember anything? I was talking to brother I did sing You won’t remember anything
if you get drunk? I said something important Your loss! What did you say? What loss? You forgot, right? Get lost Please, tell me what you said Are you free tomorrow? Don’t you know me at all? I’m always free Please, tell me what you said Take me out,
to make up for forgetting I’ll tell you then Okay I’ve given my car for service You’ll have to pick me up How will I pick her up in this? I can’t just give you
a bike, Raghu Please Pandi, I’ll give it back
within two hours Two hours? I’ll be in trouble
if the owner finds out Please, Pandi
We’re such good friends Friends? I last saw you when we
played cricket in tenth grade I haven’t seen you since I’m begging you, Pandi Won’t do this for me? You’re a pain – Just two hours
– Sure, I promise you Okay, come take it
in the morning Where’s Pandi? His girl came in the morning He just closed the shutter
and rode away with her Goddamn you! What are you looking for? So much arrogance He won’t talk to me, it seems Oh no! I should not have insulted you I shouldn’t have gone
after another bike But don’t punish me today Please start today…please Why so late? Why’s your shirt wet? I went to the gym Will this pull two of us? I’ve toed lorries in this! I’ve brought you out now Tell me what you
said the other day You call this taking me out? Yeah Take me out for lunch.
I’ll tell you Have you eaten? Is your stomach full? Tell me now What did you say that night? Take me to the beach I’ll tell you Take a good look This is the beach
Tell me now. What did you say
the other night? Take me for a good movie
and I’ll tell you then You don’t need to
tell me, I’m leaving Wait, I’ll tell you I said I like Raghuvaran
more than Karthik That’s it? You made me run around for this? What more do you want? Why do you keep
your face like that? My face is like that Okay, listen Take the call, please – It’s just mom
– So what if it’s just mom? Talk to her I told you, I fought with her
We’re not talking This is too childish
Talk to her This is how it is in my family I expected something more Like what? I thought it would be
something important Why don’t you assume
I meant that important thing? I can’t do that! Please talk to your mom I’ll tell you later Fine, I’ll drop you I have an appointment at three I won’t make it of
If I go in your vehicle My friend is waiting You don’t respect me at home You won’t let something
good happen to me outside? Son…Son Why didn’t you take the call? What is it? Tell me, why didn’t you
take the call? She’s called you
because she had chest pains When we came,
she was lying on the floor She’s dead! INTERMISSION Why have you come now? Why have you come now? Let me go I’ll kill you! What did she do wrong,
except giving birth to you? What will I do now? I asked you to stay! I asked you to stay home What will I do now? Just stand there like a log! Are you happy now? Take a good look! “Mom…where are you?” “If not for you, what do I have?” “I searched and searched” “But I can’t find you” “Why this hide and seek?” “Please come out” “Mother! You have left me” “You’ve left me to suffer alone” “I want to sleep to your lullaby today” “I wish you’d open your eyes
For the song I sing” “Mom, where are you?” “If not for you, what do I have?” “You have fallen asleep
Before I could sleep” “What got you so mad at me, mommy?” “The apple of my eye,
my divine woman!” “You need to wipe my tears off my eyes” “What is this curse fallen on me?” “I must have sinned,
for this to happen” “Dawn has become dusk
and I’m so afraid, mom!” “Light has lost its brightness
without you” “A part of me has died, mother” “I am so lonely!” “Mom, where are you?” “If not for you, what do I have?” This is the place, sir This is the place Drinking like this won’t
get you anywhere It’s been three months
I didn’t want to disturb you But you haven’t shed a single tear There’s no wrong in crying See what needs to be done next
Talk to your dad Brother, dad asked me to call you My name is Ramkumar Your wife had donated her organs This is my daughter
She’s already a C.O.P.D patient Meaning, she’s already got weak lungs She acquired some bad habits in college
Cigarettes and everything Her lungs have failed We couldn’t find lungs to match her
for a long time My entire family is indebted to you Just came here to thank you If you want anything…anything at all I’m feeling a little delicate to ask you We don’t want anything Just ask your daughter
not to smoke anymore My mom didn’t like it when I smoked! She used to keep asking me not to But I never listened Please take care of your health We’ll come back later Did I kill you? If I’d taken the call,
you would have lived! How was I supposed to know! Stop crying! What’s the point in crying now? So many times I’ve missed her calls If she’d died then,
would it mean I killed her? Just do your job now “You need to keep living” “Even when I’m gone” “My breath is in your body, too” “There are colours everywhere” “The flowers are fragrant here” “The world I’m living in has angels” “You are my pride” “You’ll bring glory to father’s name” “We’re far, not separated” “Don’t cry, my baby” “This world will play out” “Right before your eyes” “Times will change” “Tide is on your side” “I’m right here, behind you” “Mom, where are you?” “If not for you, what do I have?” “Wherever you go” “I’ll be with you” “Look at the mirror” “You’ll find me there” “Mother, you’ve left me” “My baby, I’m living in you” “I want to sleep to your lullabies today” “The tunes I sing will keep ringing
in your ears” I got a bit emotional that day
We couldn’t speak I’m Anitha My dad enquired about you Dad is also in construction If you don’t mind, you could meet dad
at the office tomorrow? He wants to offer you a job – No, please
– Please, my dad- No! I’ll manage on my own Won’t you do this for me? Mr. Azhagusundaram,
would you please come in? I’d asked for the slum
clearance project details After working in this office
for ten long years… …I finally have my own project! Ask Mr. Raghuvaran to come Why is he calling him? Oh, as my assistant! Yes, dear? Make sweets! I’m coming
home with good news Raghvaran, chairman is calling you What’s the matter, sir? It’s some new slum clearance
Involves millions of rupees I don’t know who’s getting the job It must be about that If it’s such a huge project… …it’ll go to the senior
most person in the office And that’s you Sir, congrats! You never told me! Nothing has happened yet But why did ask me to come? Don’t you get it? Sir, your assistant! Sir, when he appoints me as your
assistant, please don’t refuse! Don’t worry! No matter what happens,
you’ll be my assistant The government has announced
a slum clearance project We need to submit the tender in a week Whoever quotes the
lowest price will get it We don’t need to make
any money out of this We’re only doing this
for the reputation All the details are in this file Take a look and give me a budget Sir, why are you giving this to me? It’s your project, you should do it! Sir, I’ve only been working here
for six months now How can I handle such a big project? Six months is enough to spot the potential I’ve been here for ten years now You didn’t spot it in me? I don’t know what to say, sir
I don’t know how to thank you That’s not necessary
Just do the job right Mr. Azhagusundaram, you can be
Raghuvaran’s assistant in this project When we were talking about this project,
you too thought it would be mine, right? Sorry, sir! I didn’t even expect- Don’t be sorry
You thought so too, right? Yes, sir So it’s not wrong that
I thought the same? – No, why do you ask?
– Just to get clarity – We’ll go see the site?
– Okay, sir! We’ll see it Dear, do you want cashew nuts or
almond nuts in the pudding? I don’t want any nuts Why do you sound so low! First you said to make pudding
and now you say not to – What’s happened, dear?
– You keep this I’ll keep it? He said keep it but took it Did dad tell you about the project? So this is a family thing? Thank you so much
This is all thanks to you Where are you off to? To see the site once
before filing the budget To the site?
Then I’m coming, too You’re always ready
to come to the site! You always let your scarf trail Why don’t you sit here? No, I’ll come from that side Why don’t you sit on her lap? What a massive place! How will I do it myself?
I’m nervous Dad’s choices are never wrong I’m telling you
You can do it He can’t do it if I say so? My mum was like this,
too she’d always encourage me Look at him getting mileage
by talking about his mother! What are you looking at? They’re all the biggest
builders of Tamil Nadu There’s a lot of competition
to get this tender Why, sir? It’s the government’s property Easy to swindle a million
or even ten million How will we get it
with so much competition? We won’t get it
Let’s go You just give a fair budget
The rest lies with God This tender is definitely ours
No one else will ever take such a tender Government projects are always ours! Dad knows all this
You’ve only taken over for a year now We’ve given the tender to someone else
Go to the office and ask them How did the tender get away? We have an inside guy
I don’t know what went wrong I’ll just call him What happened?
Why did we not get the tender? I tried so hard, sir
But the officer did not accept He’s next to me I’ll call later
Please, sir He’s babbling some nonsense
We’ll take this matter to father He’ll set it right This is my first project If I go to him for help,
how will he trust me with the company? We need to handle this How? The tender is not ours What happens if the project
is not handled properly… …and government’s money is wasted? The tender is revoked and the
next favourable company gets the tender I’ll make sure that the tender is lost You make sure that
we get the tender then Everyone got shocked on
seeing that budget Even I was not sure if we could
finish it in the quoted price If we do it right,
why would it cost us more! Sir, you’re Venkat Subramaniam’s son
Arun Subramaniam, right? I came to your company
for an interview, remember? – I find him so annoying
– You know him? No! But I’ve disliked these
tawdry types since childhood You’re a talented guy!
Why aren’t you getting a job, though? Talent won’t do these days Talent is more than enough, Raghu “You, be gone today!” “When you come back tomorrow
It’ll be ‘us'” “When I don’t see you
When we are not talking” “When we are not together
Everything is a maze!” “You, be gone today!” “When you come back tomorrow
It’ll be ‘us'” “I’m sick and tired of being alone” “Now that you’re here
My sorrow is gone, dear” “I exhaled a deep breath
A warm breath” “Your fragrance touched me
I’ve caught a fever!” “You whisper in my ear…quietly” “Peacefully, blissfully- I listen” “You cool breeze,
blowing against my face” “Don’t be so gentle, come closer!” “You, be gone today!” “When you come back tomorrow
It’ll be ‘us'” “When I don’t see you
When we are not talking” “When we are not together
Everything is a maze!” Sir, government has provided
600 square foot per home We need to provide everything
within that space – Hello, Mr. Manikam!
– The files you’d asked for I think it’s Thangapushpam
You forgot to wish her on her birthday Dear, you left without even
wishing me on my birthday! – I’ll tell you in the evening
– Okay, dear How do you know my wife’s birthday? Thangapushpam and I are
Facebook friends, sir Yes, sir Why did you say yes? – You asked if we were Facebook friends?
– For that? Brother, move aside Miss, put that down Bring the chopper They’ve sent unburnt bricks! Sir, that’s how it will be What? Materials are always of poor quality
in government projects, sir I have paid you for good materials
Not poor quality ones Sir, this is M.L.A Varadarajan’s product We always get it from him
for government projects This is all based on some understanding You’re new here! So- This is not about that! I don’t care where the
materials are coming from I need good materials Someone is a fraud and you blame it
on the government Take all this away and ask them
to bring new materials And the work-? Stop everything
Wait till the new load comes Ask them to stop it! Playing with so many lives! There is a building colopsed
by thunder strike I need to go to the slum clearance
board to collect the next cheque I heard you rejected our materials? It’s not like that
The quality of the materials was poor Then get other materials What are you implying, getting
materials from elsewhere? No, sir! I was told all your
materials will be like that That’s how it will be
That’s how it always has been Which is why we take the
tender and finish it on our own Why did you stick
your nose in our business? Sir, let’s talk decently If we use such cheap
materials to build… …the building will collapse
even in a small earthquake – So many lives!
– Let them go! Tamil Nadu had a population
of 2.5 crores then it was 6.5 No ones knows
how many there are now This is the only way
we can keep that in check I can’t do that, sir I’ll stab you right here! Brainless fool
I’m being nice, talking to you Give me the tender
and get out of here You took me for a geek because
of the glasses and the combed hair? Actually, I’m a bad boy, sir I swear a bit, too You’re being rude,
so I might… lose my cool If you send the right materials, fine Or I will get it from outside Take these materials
and ask them for a refund Go to a good company and
ask for good quality materials You said you’d make him lose the tender – What happened?
– He’s returned our materials now This has never happened before I know what to do This is the Plan The Building’s going to be there You are going to live in Concrete House What’s with this new scene? And the old scene is back, too! Damn him! It’s wrong to do all this
before marriage – This is a house?
– What! – This is your house?
– Yeah, for now You’re living in a giant carry bag! Who lives in the ground floor? Don’t mock me!
This is the first house I built Here comes the new scene… I made this sweet for you She door delivers, huh? Okay, go!
He’s here now come back later What’s with the sudden silence? Don’t you have anything to do?
You’re always around Did she scold me? No, sir! It was Harry Potter Old scene! Where to sit? Sir, can you please get up? – I’ll wait in the next room
– Okay Please, sit! What are you doing here? Don’t have anything
to offer you to eat Here, eat this sweet
lt’s homemade Made in whose home? I happened to pass by
So I dropped by to see you Sir, come in – Is anyone else going to visit?
– No, please come – Can I sit?
– Please sit So, the girl who brought you sweets Yeah, Shalini! My neighbour And the girl who ate the sweets? That’s our Anitha madam! – I know that! Don’t mistake me
– Tell me, sir Is it that girl who is that
or this girl who’s that Or both of them those? – Sir, why do you talk like that, sir!
– Why? I feel my mother lives in her, sir But you have insulted me – Sorry, I reacted like the general audience
– That’s okay, sir – Sir, please stop the car…
– What Mr.Raguvaran? Sir, this is all wrong, sir What is? – There are some 2-3 extra columns here!
– Oh, yes Sir, this is not even my plan None of my plans are svn there, sir I know my plans, sir The measurements are all wrong, sir So much money!
Something has gone wrong Government project,
too what will I tell the boss? Jeevan is in charge of all this
We’ll ask him You’ve executed my seventh
division’s plan all wrong! Sir, I’ve executed the plan you gave me This is the plan I gave Is this
what you’ve executed? This is not the plan you gave me Bring that plan here This is the plan you gave me You! This is not even my plan
This is not what I gave you – Are you kidding me?
– Who’s kidding who? Sir, this guy gives a faulty plan first When he realises that it’s wrong,
he gives a new plan This is why experienced
men should be hired This is what happens when newbies
are given such huge projects Jeevan, don’t forget that he’s an engineer
Or I’ll have to take this to the boss I’m not afraid of the boss If he doesn’t know his job,
that’s what I will say What did I ever do to you?
So much money has gone waste What will I do now? You wasted the money and now
you’re blaming me? Go learn your job What are you looking at? He’ll give another plan tomorrow
and maybe change it day after There’s something fishy here
This is not your fault, Raghuvaran There are ten divisions! You can’t be looking
at each and every one of them We trusted him What’s happened, Mr. Raghuvaran?
You’ve built it all wrong, I heard? If someone undeserving bites more than
he can chew, this is what happens First, you need to build
sand castles in the beach Then you buy blocks
from a toy store and build You take up small tenders like a theatre
toilet or a school’s toilet after that If you’re going to take a
three hundred crore project… …straightaway, think we’ll
just stand by and watch? What are you going to do now? Demolish this whole thing again clear
everything and build a basement Makes me dizzy! Think you can deliver on time? And you said you’d only use
high quality cement, bricks and rods There’ll be a thirty crore loss
at least right, Jeevan? Yes, sir If you have lost 30 crores
in a 170 crore project… …will you be able to
finish it within 140 crores? Not easy, sir Don’t I know that this
project’s budget is 200 crores? Isn’t that why we
gave a 400 crore budget! Thinks he can revolutionise everything We’ve been living this
trade for generations now Think we’ll let beggars
like you into the game? Do the job you’re capable of Declare this project beyond
your capacity and run away I’ll give you five,
or maybe even ten or else Or what? You white trash! With absolutely no talent
or academic qualification… You’ve jumped straight to the boss’s
chair because your father was rich… Without doing a single
day’s hard work, ever! If you can be so arrogant… My parents struggled to pay
donation and put me in school I studied so hard from
kindergarten to tenth grade… …just to pick a difficult
subject in high school Because that’s the only way
I can become an engineer I took a different tuition for physics,
maths and chemistry I was juggling from one
class to my another And my parents were juggling
from one job to another… …to pay for those tuitions I’d stay up all night
to study, sipping tea… …waking up to an alarm
every morning just to study And those grades weren’t enough so… …another two months of
preparing for entrance exams The cut off from those exams
were not good enough So we pledged my mother’s jewellery… …to get an admission
in an engineering college I cleared the arrear papers
on the fourth year I enter into the society just
to get jibed for not having a job Running from one place
to another to find a job For years, I was sitting at home idly
to be called a freeloader by my father All that food was stuck in my throat
and hurting me, it was choking me And finally some good soul
decided to give me a job… …and a jackass like you wants
to take it away from me I’m standing before here talking to you,
handling all this and more An unemployed graduate like
me can be just as arrogant I’ll make you overspend
your budget, ruin this contract Get these slum people to beat you up
and hand you over to the police Softie pants! You’ve only seen
Raghuvaran asa villain till now Not as a hero! You’ll see him now “He’s an unemployed graduate” “Touch him and he’ll galvanise you” “He’s an unemployed graduate” “Touch him and he’ll galvanise you” “We shall rise today
Bringing the change” “Let’s come together, my friend” “Sweat it out, work hard
Push these speed limits” “Run towards victory, my friend” – What did the slum clearance board say?
– To go ahead with the project If we can’t finish it within the budget? They said the company
will have to bear the losses Please don’t worry, sir I’ll definitely finish it within the budget Mr. Raghuvaran, this is not your fault Thankfully we noticed
this at an early stage Think about how we can handle
a loss of thirty crores or forty crores But don’t let this worry you I have complete faith in you I’ll do this right – Greetings, sir
– Greetings I’m working on a project to shift the poor
from their hutments to concrete houses We want to do this fairly,
without taking any cuts or bribes Okay But there are people preventing
us from doing that You mean that Arun Subramian?
I heard about it, too Even his dad, while heading, wouldn’t let
us get a single government project And his son seems to be worse! I heard you’re being a fair job What can I do for you?
Tell me If you could give us a small discount
from the rates you normally quote… It would really help us This is for a good cause And you seem like good people I’ll give a twenty five percent discount This is for the poor
If you could be a bit more considerate What do you have in mind? If you give a seventy five
percent discount… …they’ll use the leftover
cement to erect your statue Let’s find a middle ground, then So who wins? Fine, fifty percent! If you ask beyond this,
I’ll have to give it for free – I will take that too, sir
– Keep quiet, sir Keep doing business with us, son But don’t expect a
discount the next time Definitely, sir Gather ten workers each from
all the other divisions to work on this Request these men two
work for extra two hours We must meet the deadline So, Arun sir Looks like you’re unable to
meet the challenges you made? He seems to have struck some deals
And the work seems to be going great! We’ll take this to your father? Look, this is my problem now I need to beat him on my own now Beat him? What, you’re goingto send
goons to beat him up? You take me for a sissy? You’ll have to send men to do that
What else will you do? We’ll be okay as long as
we don’t send men I don’t understand Why are you taking me walking now? We’re riding in my scooter! – This is a scooter?
– Sir? I meant, is this your scooter? This is apt for your size
Who bought it for you? My dad bought it for me in 7th grade,
when I got the first rank Just to clarify, does this vehicle have
a motor or is it running on pedal? Sir, don’t mock my scooter!
It’s very special to me Yeah, you’re the only one in the
whole of India who owns this scooter Yeah, okay – Don’t give it away, ever!
– No way, sir! – Where are all the workers, sir?
– I don’t seem them either! Must be some payment problem Just go check in the labourers camp? You all know how many projects
I run in Tamil Nadu That boy walked in recently He’s here now But no one knows if he’ll be
around in the future If you work there, you
will not get work in my, my friends’ or company
shareholders’ projects There’s no one in the labourer’s camp! – There’s no one?
– Yeah! Sir, call that supervisor and find out If you don’t go there… …I will pay you twice
the salary you’re making I will guarantee that you will work
in all of my projects He’s not answering I’ll meet him
in person and find out How irresponsible!
He should have informed us if- Hey, kid! Standing alone? There’s no one with you? If you work alone for twenty hours a day
20 multiplied 3…for 6 weeks and 8 months You’ll finish the work in 22 years, yeah? But don’t just quit this project! I will beat you, destroy you
and take it away from you This project is not such a big deal to me But someone like you
talking to me like that! I can’t let that happen And now that you’ve become a hero,
I need to do the villains job, right? Son, why do you worry
when you have us? It’s our slum people who work
for the big companies All the plumbing, painting, carpentry,
cleaning and every other job! We toil for so many people You’re building homes for us
Won’t we work for you? We can do work in 4 divisions with them
What about the rest? We need more labourers We need electronic and
mechanical engineers too! We need supervisors to guide them We need to meet someone
and get this sorted within two days! Hey, broomstick!
This is Facebook? Yeah Thangapushpam and I
are Facebook friends I need to investigate
something here Give me! Give me your account name – What’s that?
– That’s my bank account I need your Facebook account
You have to create one If you post it here,
it’ll reach the whole world It is that powerful?
What about Twitter? First learn to use this
We can do that later Give me your laptop What happens when you post this If any press people or the
oppsite party men see this video They might talk it over
and support us If atleast 10,000 views
some will here us out Now how many viewed this 120 views But some might laugh us And we might lose the Project Nothing of that sort will happen
you go to bed I’m a mechanical engineer,
so I just came to help in any way I can Only one person has turned up! It was just the two of us yesterday
Now we’re three Come, I’ll show you the plans You said only one guy!
Look how many have come There are so many
unemployed engineers? If there are so many
in a single group… …think of how many there
would be in the world? “Barriers? Break them!” “Let’s make history” “The future is ours” “Pain? Let it go!” “New doors will open
It’s a guarantee” “Barriers? Break them!” “Let’s make history” “The future is ours” “Pain? Let it go!” “New doors will open
It’s a guarantee” Looks like we can handle
two more projects now! They’re my breed, sir! “Sweat it out, work hard” “Run towards victory, my friend” “He’s an unemployed graduate” “Touch him and he’ll galvanise you” “He’s an unemployed graduate” “Touch him and he’ll galvanise you” – Hey, Softie pants!
– Call me Softie pants again and- It’s pissing you off? Softie Pants! Softie Pants,
first you need to play board games And then you play hopscotch After that, you play girls’ games
like kho-kho and throw ball But if you want to start
playing WWF straightway… …you’ll bruise your face, right? On top of this, you said over the phone
that you’re the villain! I burst out laughing Look, you don’t look like a villain to me No matter how hard I try! You paid my labourers are
stopped them from working There are things that money can’t buy Like the bonding between students,
friendship, love… You wouldn’t know! You grew up in a refrigerator Do you know who you’re talking to? Do you know who my father is? You don’t know your father’s name? – What kind of family is that!
– I don’t know I don’t like his face
I’m going to work Why do you flaunt your
daddy’s name so much? Earn a name for yourself, won’t you? You beggar! What would
you know about class? Softie Pants… If I take your family name away,
you are a nobody I may be a beggar
But I have my own identity Do you think me that I am sissy? When are you going to buy
cheap materials from China? Tomorrow I’m trusting you
Be careful I don’t know if my wife has
packed for the China trip – I’ll just make the call
– Talk to her! I left my phone behind in the
table! Give me yours I’ll make a call to home Your wife packs for you? Nice What is this! – I dial my wife, and it says G F?
– Really? G F stands for girlfriend? Sir! Golden Flower, sir Golden flower means… Thangapushpam, in English Why have you stored
my wife’s number? Just in case of emergencies! What emergency! In case of your emergencies, sir You can’t store my wife’s number
without my permission! Can’t I store my sister’s number, sir? This one says Anita madam
is like his mother And this one says my wife
Thangapushpam is his sister But they don’t look like
very good people! Sir, you’re actually
speaking that out loud I thought he was looking
at the plan in his laptop But he was chatting with some chick! Hey, stop the work!
See what’s going on Sir we don’t know about these guys
They are beating every one ‘You can’t hit anyone as long as
this band is around your arm’ Sir, there’s a huge riot in Perungalathur I don’t know who they are They’re beating us up!
Please come here soon I drew some cash out of the bank But Anitha madam had
already settled the bills Don’t worry, uncle
Nothing bad will happen I know nothing is going to happen! He’s been beat up
And there’s blood all over his face Even I have never hit him! He always does the wrong things!
Ever since childhood When so many people
are attacking… He should have just removed that
band and hit them back I can’t stand his mommy sentiment! I’ve checked all the boys None of them are hurt too bad Just minor bruises in the heads,
fractured hands… But Anand…is in critical condition He’s in the I.C.U They say we might even lose him Sir, careful! You’re not answering to the media
You should give a statement What statement?
What should I say? Everyone left their towns and
families to come and work for me Those who are in power needn’t help us,
but we were poked and prodded! Engineers are doomed to get beaten up
by politicians and goons and corporates There are 3,217 engineering colleges,
did you know that? 5,00,000 students pass out every year Only 40,000 of them get jobs What about the others? We find ourselves jobs and
there are people to sabotage that, too First, it was the have-nots
that stole from the haves Now why are you stealing
from those who don’t have? You’re stealing the rights, the handwork,
opportunities and his whole life How many of you have finished engineering
and carrying a mic around now? Shut up! Tell us who is responsible! I’m not naming anyone here Why should I? So that they can come back
and break the remaining limbs? No, thank you Write that we all got together
and tripped and fell at once Just write that
It’ll be perfect, let’s go I struggle for 40 years
and you bring this company… …down because of your stupidity One mistake on top of the other! You’ve played with my company
like it’s one of your remote control cars It was my fault to trust you
with this company so easily No, dad! It won’t become an issue He would have realised our power now That’s why he didn’t even
tell our name in the press The beatings would have scared them The would have run away Sir, Raghu has come to meet you Ask him to come You must be know everything
Your son had my men attacked You’re mistaken
My son didn’t do that I came here because I thought
you might be an honourable man Your son should come
and apologise to my men My son apologise to your men? I said he didn’t do anything Father and son are both sissies Who did you call a sissy? Yeah, I got those men to hit you What can you do about it? Kid, when elders are talking,
you should be quiet If my boys had wanted it, they could
have taken down you and your office They want to do the right thing
Don’t make them do the wrong thing I didn’t mention your name to the press I don’t want to prolong this issue I want to end it Trying to scare me? This is a big place
You should watch what you say You quote 400 crores
for a 200 crore government project and
loot them of 200 crores And grow richer
You call this a big place? Loot the money?
We did it with intelligence You need skill to do that Stealing has become a skill now? I don’t need to answer you Ask your son to apologise – He won’t go
– I will take him by force You’ll touch my son! Try to hit him
Hit him! I told you I’ll hit him
and you keep asking me to hit him! I’m telling you that your son has hit
my men and a boy’s life is in danger You’re being cocky with me? What are you looking at? Your dad said to hit and I did Think I couldn’t have done
this in the first place? I thought you’d be dignified,
that we can talk fairly My mother asked me not to hit anyone
when she tied this around my wrist But if she’d been around today,
she would have hit you, too Pray that the boy struggling
for his life should make it If he doesn’t, even god
can’t save your lives You come in here and hit my son
right before my eyes? You fool! You barging in here,
hitting my son, creating a… …ruckus has been recorded
in my security camera I will file a case against you and
you’ll never build anything in this life This is a jammer No electronic device
works when this is on My boys designed it This is a HD camera Until I switched this
on before hitting him… …everything that you and
your son spoke has been recorded The video has already reached the boys
through the transmitter If your son doesn’t apologise to my men
within the next one hour… I’ll upload this one youtube And personally hand a copy
to every media channel I hope you’re not as stupid as your son What are you doing here? You’re hurt! Go lie down inside It’s hot in there Stop playing with the wheelchairs! Just say the word and
the boys will handle it Hitting back is wrong It’s not like he’ll come to apologise Do it quickly Anand is saved! Doctor says he’s out of danger Hey…he hit me in front of you
you stood like a statue Then you wanted me to apologise
Aren’t you ashamed? What you want me to do?
you wronged him You could have a word with me
Nothing this big…Shit! He took my whole
history with his camera I don’t know who and all has it If it came out then my name
My company… Forget everything and get back to work Your son is sitting and crying
you keep talking about your company If it comes to my company or you,
I will prefer my company Minister will be here in an hour
Where is Raghu? He said he’d go to the
temple and come Did you call Raghu? I did, sis-in-law,
he’s leaving home in 5 minutes Are you sure he’s coming in this route? Yes sir! I’m giving you all thirty seconds Apologise to me and
my scooter for hitting me Or else? I will hit you Start the car! What! he’s coming
Start the car Get down Don’t do this It’s wrong You shouldn’t do this, okay? Take your shirt off
I will leave you alone You know who my father is?
Let me go I won’t bother you
Take your shirt off Hold this What is your problem? Your parents didn’t raise you right – Tell me, what is your problem?
– Nothing – You want me to lose?
– No I have lost, okay? – Are you happy now?
– It’s not like that What is it like, then? – We don’t have any issues, right?
– No, I won’t- I’m sorry if I did something wrong No, it was my fault! Sorry No, I don’t want to Come, it’ll be fun – What?
– Okay – Where are you going?
– The car- Sit properly! That’s okay Why did you bring him?
It’ll become an issue No, he’s our guy
Won’t be a problem Congratulations! Greetings, son – Why are you late?
– It’s nothing Dad, you know him?
Arun Subramaniam Go, go in! Greetings! Greetings, leader! Greetings, brother! You’ve built it so well! Is this adulterated, too?

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