Studying Biological Sciences

Studying Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences at Bangor University
starts really broad in the first year bringing everybody to the same level of
knowledge so we look at things like diversity of the organisms and genetics
and bioscience skills. In the second year we get to choose our own modules because
we already know what we’re interested in and we’re introduced to more complex
concepts of the area. And the third year we use the knowledge from the first and
the second year to work on our dissertation projects. What I love the most about Biological Sciences is that it always changes so there are always
new topics coming up or a new species discovered so you never get bored being
a scientist really. At Bangor we have many facilities for studying biological
sciences, we have Brambell building where we have laboratories to do practicals
such as dissections and microbiology experiments. We have the Natural History
Museum which all the students have access to and also an aquarium and also
we have the main library for scientific books As part of biological sciences we can do
a field trip module and we can go to places like South Africa or India or
Arizona and study the species from the area. We also get the chance to do the
local field trips where we study the environments around Bangor. At Bangor we have many lecturers who are
specialised in in different areas of biology and I really like in the
lectures when they talk about their own studies and research, I find that really
inspiring. When I graduate I would like to go into the research work the
university helps me with career advice and CV building workshops. I want to do
research because the lectures really inspired me to do so. I am really
enjoying my studies at Bangor so I would advise anyone who wants to become a
scientist to come here. you

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