Relationship Magnetism | Craigers

Relationship Magnetism | Craigers

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Before getting into this video, I gotta say…this isn’t advice from a pro-jock. This is from a single guy, with a good share of many, many, MANY humiliating failures. However, I can say my pointers for what you can do to optimize your chances for having a partner, even if you’ve never tried before. Before you even go down the rabbit hole, there are a couple things you have to clarify to establish you’re really chasing after love. 1. Why do you want a relationship? If you’re in for love and sharing the great things of life with somebody, go for it! Chances are this next point doesn’t apply to you, but it wouldn’t do justice to not mention it. Never go into a relationship to attain something from somebody (popularity, validation, etc.) Relationships not built on integrity, independence, and real love are like card towers. BE AUTHENTIC!!! Validation is a class on its own. No matter what healthy relationship you’re looking for, your partner’s job is to compliment your strengths and weaknesses. “What about soul mates? Shouldn’t THEY complete me in some way?” I’m not saying that romantically loving only one person is a problem – that’s awesome, actually! Heck – you could have multiple spouses if you want (in some countries)! Still, if you’re saying that you’re only compatible with 1 out of 7.5 billion people on the planet… You…should not be looking for a relationship right now. Just…let that stat sync in. Many of the reasons why people aren’t able to attain a healthy relationship all stem down to a lack of… SELF-CONFIDENCE!!! Many of us were programmed to believe being a relationship will make us happy. Obviously, that doesn’t always hold water. Going into dating looking for a missing piece of your life and thinking your partner will “fix you” is just going to codependency and a bunch of other crap. Don’t be this couple! By contrast, if you are self-confident, independent, and have good intentions, all you need is personal hygiene by your own standards. You don’t need a tux or a 100% clean face – just take care of yourself because YOU want to! Don’t do it just because someone tells you to do it for some other stupid reason… Example: You shower and have shiny teeth, but get made fun of for your unibrow that you like. If you like it, keep it and rock it! Confidence digs. At this point, you’ve exiled a lot of your personal demons: doubt, lust, etc. Unsure of who you want as a partner? Relationship: similar to an ever-lasting goal with more emotions/chance involved. To maximize your chance of a lasting relationship, write down ten core values that matter most to you. This tells your mind (when combined with passion) to focus on attracting someone with similar values. Shared values lead to a happier relationship – even during conflicts, you can go back to the same principles! If you’ve decided your initial choice for a partner is arousing your…interest, or found someone with similar values – go for it! As for the approach, a bit of awkwardness is totally natural! Just look around your area, and if your mate isn’t occupied, ask them a question about the area you’re in (ex. if you’re in the lunchroom, comment on the burgers). Heartbreak’s an odd feeling. You could be 20 seconds or 20 YEARS into your relationship, and heartbreak will still hurt very badly. It’s a very vulnerable, emotional state that triggers physical pain in your brain, and it’s 100% normal. The best thing to do is to feel the feelings as they come and be very compassionate with yourself. Let yourself get the negative energy out and keep moving. Do anything creative to gush out the emotions (music, poems, etc.) and get your mind in perspective! Once you process the emotions, the rest of the process is a lot smoother – our logical mind acts fast afterwards! A couple people asked me about my opinion on “friends with benefits” (friends who…”interact” with each other but don’t get involved emotionally) and asked if it’s a healthy resort. From a relationship point of view, breakups/rejection make even very strong friendships awkward. “Friends with benefits” is like telling your mind to still cling onto that romantic relationship idea, even if your intent is to get away from the emotional stuff (FYI, don’t try to outrun emotions – acknowledge them!) If you’re doing “it” to exile some form of energy, there’s no point to “doing it” without love. (otherwise, it’s just an undeniable part of our biology!) Man, I really tried to work around that 3-letter word (to not get age-restricted). Thank you for watching! If you want me to cover something that would have value to you, let me know! Reach out on FB, Twitter, Insta, or TikTok (or in the comments) – have a great day, and peace out! #TGIM

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