Proof Olaf Was Wrong!

Proof Olaf Was Wrong!

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>>Olaf: Hi everyone, I’m Olaf>>Crazy Nate: Since last time we met Olaf in the first Frozen, He now knows how to read>>Olaf: This is so much easier now that I can read.>>C razy Nate: And apparently Olaf has been reading a lot>>Olaf: Did you know? Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?>>Crazy Nate: In fact, it seems he spits out a bunch of random facts that at first glance doesn’t seem to be very true So let’s deep dive and fact check Olaf’s did you know? (Intro music plays)>>Olaf: Who’s into trivia? I am!>Crazy Nate: Olaf said that men are six times more likely to get struck by lightning than women, is this true? *Zap*>>Olaf: Did you know men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning? *Zap*>>Crazy Nate: Well, according to the CDC approximately 85% of all fatal lightning strikes are men So yes men are more likely to be struck by lightning than women.>>Olaf: Who knows the ways of men>>Crazy Nate: But is 85 percent six times? Well, technically it’s only five point six times more likely than women not six times I get it though Olaf is rounding up so in this case, we will say Olaf was right>>Olaf: Did you know gorillas burp when they’re happy? *gorilla burp*>>Crazy Nate: “Gorillas burp when they’re happy” one thing gorillas do and they do a lot is farting. You thought was gonna say burping didn’t you>>Narrator: All family members are in a semi permanent state of flatulence *gorilla toot* They fart a lot mainly because gorillas have pot bellies and inside that pot belly It’s full of good bacteria that is used to break down all the vegetables they eat in their daily diets In fact, they fart almost non-stop>>Thor: I heard a noise>>Max: Shut up and push *banana slip* *bonk*>>Crazy Nate: As far as burping when they’re happy though like Olaf suggests, this seems to actually be true as well. According to Gorilla Fund dot org gorillas burp to convey a sense of contentment between individuals meaning they’re all getting along Also did you know that they often beat their chests to release stress and anxiety? And it’s not just to show their dominance. So it looks like Olaf is 2-and-O number three>Olaf: Did you know we blink four million times a day?>>Crazy Nate: “We blink 4 million times a day” Olaf has officially lost it This is terribly wrong. I will bet you a trillion dollars you don’t blink 4 million times a day If you blinked 4 million times a day that would mean that you would have to blink 46 times every single second of every single minute of every single hour of the day all 24 hours According to all the wisdom on the Internet humans blink an average of 4 million 200,000 times per Year not per day>>Lt Destin Mattias: What?>>Crazy Nate: I’d hate to have that job. Imagine forgetting what number you were on 11 months into counting.>>The Count: I am called The Count>>Crazy Nate: So either Olaf got this one wrong or this is a mistake in the script Just like how I said in my Brave video that a fortnight means two days when in all actuality It means two weeks or 14 nights Scripting error. How many times you blink in a day? On average you blink 12,000 times per day. Yes, that’s still a lot. But nowhere near 4 million times. Feel free to count if you want and you don’t believe me>>The Count: One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one two, three, four>>Crazy Nate: For the rest of us. We’re gonna count this one as one wrong and move on.>>Olaf: Did you know Wombats poop squares?>>Crazy Nate: “Wombats poop squares” This one is pretty easy to confirm or deny Alls you gotta do is go find a wombat Give it some ex-lax and wait The wombat is the creature whose best part of its body is the butt and not because of what shape the wombat makes it poop the wombats rear end is actually made up of a sheet of cartilage which is stronger than muscle and they use their backside as a defensive shield to keep predators from eating them. Their poop is also in fact shaped as cubes. Good job Olaf And wombats can also be found in Australia Australia And just like Elsa, wombats prefer the cold weather. They won’t even come out their home unless the temperature is under 77 degrees fahrenheit>>Wombat Elsa: The cold never bothered me anyway Wombats also poop about a hundred squares per day that’s a lot of cubes You can probably build a princess castle with that many blocks The male wombats also like to prop their poop up on top of rocks or branches to show it off So everyone can see their magnificent squares and they let the other males know that they’re in the area kind of like a dominance thing So another one right for Olaf 3 to 1>>Olaf: Did you know that an enchanted forest is a place of transformation? I have no idea what that means>>Crazy Nate: “Enchanted forest is a place of transformation” by definition Enchanted is a place under or as if under a magic spell or having to have a magical quality What do you say to fact-check a fact claim about a fictional place?>>Lt Destin Mattias: That was magic Did you see that?>>Yelena: Of course I saw it.>>Crazy Nate: Turns out I fact-checked enchant forests, and guess what I found out Apparently this is also where unicorns live and their poop is in the shape of Easter eggs And they’re fluffy>>Agne: Was it fluffy>>Crazy Nate: More fluffy than Sully>>Boo: Kitty>>Agnes: He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die>>Crazy Nate: I don’t know how to prove that something is wrong when it doesn’t exist. So let’s have a survey time (Survey time music) Do you think we should count this as an Olaf mistake or a fact? Vote>>Anna: I could really use a bright side Olaf *Always Live on the bright side of life whistles*>>Olaf: Bright side? um Turtles can breathe through their butts.>>Anna: huh?>>Crazy Nate: “Turtles can breathe through their butts” out of all the weird facts about turtles Olaf knows the butt one of course Low-hanging fruit from the laugh tree haha fart joke. This is actually a true fact though, and even though many turtles are endangered there are a handful of turtle species who have the abilities of breathing through their butt. If you want to call it that at least, or more accurately they extract air from the water through their backside. so maybe it’s not like having a nose back there but in fact hah, butt in fact but in fact more like having fish gills back there. The white throated snapping turtle is one of the species that has this weird superpower.>>Phone operator: You see the little, the gill system here>>Aussie observer: Oh, yeah>>Phone operator: In the water bottle, moving back and forth>>Aussie observer: Go on eh.>>Phone operator: And so it takes oxygen out of the water>>Aussie observer: Right, look at that>>Crazy Nate: But they have more interesting features than that like for example the alligator snapping turtle, it can grow to be over 200 pounds and it eats fis h, frogs, snakes, and sometimes even people who don’t smash that like button YouTube cringe 4 to 1 or 3 to 2 depending on how you voted>>Olaf: Did you know that water has memory?>>Crazy Nate: If water actually does have memory then Dory isn’t drinking any of it Just keep swimming>>Dory: ho ho ho>>Merlin: Dory->>Dory: I love to swim>>Crazy Nate: And if anyone was gonna know about water having memory, it’d be the ant-man since he’s an expert in quantum physics Well, the first Antman was After researching what the “experts” are saying about water having memory It seems we know about as much about water having memory as the ant-man would from what I understand Basically, the scientists believe water is made up of one hydrogen molecule and two oxygen molecules We can all agree on that one at least. Then they go on to say that all the oxygen molecules get in a circle hold hands and sing Kumbaya Then while they’re all in the circle, the scientists basically electrocute information into the campfire *Marv yelping* *Marv yelling* *Marv screaming* And the happy little hippy water molecules hold hands and don’t let the electric out of the circle and the scientists look at that and say Ah-ha Look water is storing electrical memory and that’s how scientists think water has memory So to me, it sounds like this would be more of a theory stage and not a fact stage And that’s at the best-case-scenario and it would be crazy to call it a fact. In fact many scientists don’t believe the theory holds water What? *maniacal laughter* *knee slap* ouch Oh, sorry, we’re having a conversation>>Anna: What’s that thing you say Olaf>>Olaf: Oh, my theory about advancing technologies is both our Savior and our doom?>Anna: No.>Elon Musk: I tried to convince people to slow down. I tried for years people call it the singularity. It could be terrible and it could be great>>Anna; Not that one The one about->>Olaf: The one about cucumbers?>>Anna: No, the thing about water. Oh, yeah, water has memory the water that makes up you and me has passed through at least four humans and or animals before us *Sven barfs*>>Anna: hmm>>Crazy Nate: And as far as for humans or animals drinking the same drink before you drink your drink, I doubt it unless you believe the world is a billion years old which I don’t *coughing cat*>>Cat: What?!>>Crazy Nate: Or you live in a city where they are recycling water from your toilet -plot twist- A lot of giant cities are recycling water from your toilet Drinky-drinky and then all you country folks out there thinking you’re safe, right? hahaha, maybe>>Jed Clampett: Elly, tell you somthing. living in the same neck of the woods with old pal Milly *fishing sounds*>>Crazy Nate: Unless you live downstream from Bambi because Bambi hangs out in the river and when Bambi’s drinking water Bambi’s peeing in the river and where did you get your water?>>Duck: Aww gross And for all you fact-checking fact-checkers out there. I got a c-plus in science class one time in high school So yeah, you know that I know you know, I’m right I can accept that this is a theory that needs to be researched more but as of right now it’s gonna be confirmed that this is not a fact because even the other Scientists don’t get on board and believe it So that leaves a final score for Olaf at four facts correct and two facts wrong Let me know in the comments what movie we should talk about next and until next time Did you know sharing a smile can be contagious? Fact confirmed>>Kristoff: did you know sleeping quietly on long journeys prevents insanity? *Olaf laughing* Yeah, that’s not true.>>Kristoff: It is.>>Elsa: Its true Anna: Definitely true>>Elsa: Its the truth>>Sven: True>>Olaf: Well that was unanimous. But I will look it up when we get home.

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