Neil deGrasse Tyson: Scientists’ brains are wired to see differently

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Scientists’ brains are wired to see differently

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I get the sense that most people have never
met a scientist in their life much less be able to claim one as their friend. So, here I am visible in many ways – on
the internet, social media, documentaries and people see that. And they write me a letter as though I am
their friend. And so this brings elements and aspects of
their own lives into the foreground that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you were a, if they
viewed me as a complete stranger to them. And I don’t take this responsibility lightly. There are people who have certain angst, certain
discomfort because they were raised in one religious tradition and later they learned
science that conflicted with it. There are people who have seen lights in the
sky and they know they’re UFOs because they can’t identify them, but they’re not ready
to take the next leap of argument saying they’re aliens. But they want me to shed light on that. And they’re coming to me for a scientific
perspective. And ultimately a cosmic perspective since
I hail from the ranks of astrophysicists. And in astrophysics the world looks different
to us because we see Earth not as this orb with color coded countries. No, we see Earth as an orb in space, as nature
intends you to receive it with oceans and land and clouds. And that point of view, that perspective – some
have called it the overview effect. I prefer to say it’s a cosmic perspective. That can be quite illuminating to be shared
with someone who is at an impasse in their lives because it’s a point of view that’s
expressed from a distance. And sometimes you can gain perspective when
you can’t see the details, but you can see the fundamental drivers of what is behind
that dilemma and what can inform the decision you make in response to it. So, it’s not a matter of what science I
bring to the answer, it’s a matter of the brain wiring that exists within scientists
that is brought to bear on the answer. And for many people that’s a new way of

82 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson: Scientists’ brains are wired to see differently

  • Jeremy Wright Post author

    Love the content 🙂

  • vermasean Post author


  • LifeVersity Post author

    The brain's physical composition can alter in response to needs and experiences, which means that if we change our needs and experiences, we can change our brain

  • Mickey Johnson Post author

    Biggest crock of shit I've ever heard.

  • super shimmers Post author

    Reminds me of a convo I had recently ^_^ then again most of these vids do…

  • eatcarpet Post author

    Like sexually assaulting women.

  • Joseph Liang Post author

    As nature intends? Nature intends nothing.

  • Brexit Refugee Post author

    I see the Orb as Little Fluffy Clouds.

  • Andrew Ch Post author

    Tyson tries too hard to reject any non-mainstream knowledge…

  • F. U. C Post author

    Ok boomer. Nice gatekeeping. Does it make you feel that sense of specialness you always craved in your ego and couldnt even attain as you put down your interviewees on your shitty podcast? Say what you want but don't expect anyone to believe a word coming out of your rapist mouth. Just because your brain did some fucjed up shit doesnt prove you're special. You're not better than anyone. Plenty of scientists know they're not better than anyone but I dont expect you to ever understand that. Being a scientist is not an excuse to rape and it doesnt justify it.

  • ThePresentation010 Post author

    I've always thought of this individual as a clown.

  • FabledDan Post author

    Neil finally realizes the depths of human stupidity that Dawkins has been fighting his whole life.

  • James Parker Post author

    Arrogant POS

  • EliasDanger Post author


  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access Post author

    Don't have to worry about how your brain is wired if you just don't even have one in the first place

    Modern problems require modern solutions

  • F. U. C Post author

    I wish society would stop worshiping grandiose narcissists and patting rapists on the head because we value what they make us think they do for science. We should be protecting our fellow human beings first and foremost instead of giving more power to abusers. Yeah I'm talking to you big think. Stop feeding this rapists huge ego and fame. Hes obviously just motivated by pathological narcissism. Put someone wholesome on instead.

  • awesomesauce666 Post author

    so neil isn't our friend? or at least not on this globe?

  • dsmyify Post author

    He said a lot without really saying anything.

  • Luca Riviello Post author

    The scientists method of thinking isn’t far from an architect’s

  • Rupert Morris Post author

    Tyson admits that Scientism is a religion and the scientists are the clergy to be strictly obeyed. Unfortunately, no scientist knows more than a little about their own specialist field, and normally that knowledge reveals how little they know. Scientists really have a very narrow point of view, far from cosmic. And we'd all do well to remember that.

  • Metric Imperialist Post author

    'brains wired to see differently' Yes, that's called autism.

  • steve betance Post author

    More like 'Comic Perspective' ! ! !

  • Chris Morlock Post author

    Wouldn't a cosmologist view earth as a tiny spec of dust at best?

  • Juan Post author

    Sounds like a whole lot of hubris. "It's not a matter of what science I bring to the answer, it's a matter of the brain wiring that exists within scientists, that is brought to bear." When people ask for input on a subject about science, they want the science. It's really not that complicated. People do not care about your "brain wiring", they come to a scientist for science, a doctor for medicine, a lawyer for law, etc. It's honestly impressive how they fit you in the frame with how massive your head is.

  • HUnter Post author

    Science is actually the anti christ saying this is how nature and the world works. They made this world they called a tree a tree. It’s all an illusion we all die

  • Antonio Teixeira Post author

    Well…"political lobbying funding" also turns alot of scientists into the dreaded….Intelectual Prostitute….😓😂😂🤔😒😒😒
    ….Bills have to be paid…etc…etc……vicious 360 circle…

    At the same time, 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 actually, """"actually""" pondering this very basic KOAN about our human inteligence amalgamation, reminds me of the next complex text i wrotte some years ago and i copy paste here because….🤔🤔🤔🤔…its easy NOT to ""perceive"" it…….not that it matters🤔🤔😂…or does it????🤔🤔 ….Thanks for reading🤗

    Least we forget : Symbiogenesis.

    Lets us not forget brothers and sisters (pardon my "hippyness", if you please), the BASIS of our human condition,  seing IT,  in ITS proper Light.
    In its proper lesson.
    In its proper humbleness of co existing Inteligences.

    These "bodys" called so by the indewling life, are SELF organising innatly inteligent multi tiered and multi leveled cellular confluence of inteligences, responsible for automating trilllllllllions of processes. Fact.

    From hair growth, down to the many follicles, to immune system response, to bone growth, blood cell production, neural network functionality, digestive system, intestinal flora village absortion, bacterial dynamics symbiosis.
    Viral dynamics, aging dynamics, nail growth rate and patterns, enamel maintenance, cellular regeneration, tissue growth, sperm and egg production, sperm and egg inception cellular Self organising/Self building dynamics (i.e pregnancies), hormonal convergence and maintenance, liver and kidneys…etc etc…
    Indeed…the list is looong indeed. VERY long!

    Whole libraries could be filled with the list of cellular processes that are automated within human Bio verses…and indeed, "we" have! 😂

    Pregnancies are THE most obvious one though…or does the reader think that its the mother that constructs/assembles her baby? 🤔
    Do you Perceive this PI, properly?? Whats a PI, you ask my fellow being?

    Profound Insight.

    Calcification? Neural network growth? Digestive system? Genetic memmory inprints??? Again….the list IS loooooooooong indeed

    As such, PI:

    "An Inbound cellular inteligence, in confluence, potentialy manifests, dictated by biological "restraints" (neural network conception etc etc etc et cuetra, a confluence of diverse cellular inteligences) an outbound emergent sapiance.
    "" us ""

    Hence, we have an indewling abstract (…"""energy"""…) form of awhareness in SYMBIOSIS with a highly complex eoooons old, self organising, cellular inverted Universe.

    Proud of "our"/" your" inteligence???? Hardly "ours" to beguin with!!!
    Rather…at "heart" , again ill put it more succintly, a series of cellular Inteligences that in Confluence, potentialy manifest a biological form of sentience.

    Hence a co operation, a Symbiosis of an outbound "Human personality" and inbound Self Organising Inteligences.

    Self Evident Fact.

    With that in mind……These Biologies know well of the meaning of the Atom structure. Indeed, since cellularly, They work upon it!!

    These eyes, yours, dear brother and sister, dear Being that reads these words have LOOOOOOONG known the nature of Light and its secrets. After all,  the Self organising cellular retina, moving by itself, does one hell of a job!….or indeed…IT, The BIOverse "you" inhabit, might not have been birthed with retinas. Among the Quizzzzzilion of cellular Self Organisation processes….many mysteries/issues/problems arise.

    BIO Lo Gy…should NOT bt taken quite so for granted…

    Only a Parent would know the depth of this PI…

    Indeed…"ITS tech" (Self Organising INBOUND confluence of Inteligences) is SO amasing, thats it been copied on to cameras etc etc other devices made by us! No comment of Beehive structures (hezagono) and flys eyes!

    Oh indewling compartmentalised life force……we are surrounded by the infinity of the Factals of Self Organisation…
    Multi Dimensional.
    Do you remenber?

    Indeed………..these Complex organisation chains of Living matter, DNA, know, generally speaking, VERY WELL what, IT, is doing…or most of us would have Down syndrome🤔…among other particularities of These Self organising Biologies in terms of neurological impediments and birth abnormalities….etc etc etc etc etc etc looooong list of defects…which possibly came from the more recent catastrophy that neatly wiped out these Biologies (and many others) 11.800 years ago or more🤔

    That said, it does make me want to state the following statement:

    War is…… ……vastly out dated.
    In CLEAR breach of the respect a Civilised being should have for the Toroidal Fractals of Self Organisation.
    If, IF, Eugenics is to be done, it is done by RESPECTING the Fractals. Not by Forced Biological death.
    Unless said Incarnation so wishes. Nonetheless…it is the obvious use of vesectomys that is the anwser. (The pill is not. Too many side effects…including changing a vast amount of fish species sex! Human hormones in the pea etc etc ALL is related.)
    Gold given in exchange or fiat currency, for having a vesectomy. Fair play?

    Hence…one way or another…by direct introspection or indirect study's via microscope etc etc of these Biologies relation to Quantum matter, etc, etc… it all elucidates a very profound Aspect looooong known by the really ancient civilizations of other Human biologies…

    The Symbiotic Self Organising Toroidal nature of the Universe…circlely awhare of "one another"…


    In other words…."ALL" is known

    FOR ALL is already known within the complex aspects of Self organising Biologies….BUT….does the indewling life know?

    Hence the deepest Koan being…

    The Symbiosis between Self organising ASPECTS of the Multiverse and …..""us"".

  • Richard Luciano Post author

    Big Think, this one was a big nothing.

  • Don Jabra Post author


  • F. U. C Post author

    I'm unfollowing channels like this that display moral cowardice. You are helping a narcissistic abuser and rapist. You just dont care because the victims weren't people you know and care about. I am not just talking about the sexual violations I'm talking about all of his interactions. When you realize he does everything to either puff himself up or put others down he becomes very boring and pathetic. Neil is a small thinker disguised as a big thinker and his disguise is insultingly easy to see through. Put on a real big thinker.

  • demonorse Post author

    The Anthropologist from another planet way of looking at the world.

  • Sorority Slayer Post author

    Scientists brains are wired to see things differently, and to think everyone elses way of seeing is incorrect

  • Sum mer Post author

    I always like when someone see things differently that what is on the surface!😉

  • greenzoid2 Post author

    This guy just cant stop being a prick whenever he talks

  • Razx MNazx Post author

    this is bait right?

  • gwvaio Post author

    Ok but where is the 2nd season of Cosmos…. friend?

  • Emma Bell Post author

    Why is Neil so based?

  • Symmetrical Docking Post author

    "Let the intelligent elite run things and you'll have utopia. That idea fell flat on its foolish face of course. Because the pursuit of science, despite its social benefits, is itself not a social virtue; its practitioners can be men so self-centered as to be lacking in social responsibility."

  • mutalix Post author

    My ever expanding, humble gratitude, to you, black science man.

  • Deus Divinus Post author

    Ntd is full of shit

  • mmartinisgreat Post author

    :/ Neil needs to get over himself

  • Michael Bryant Post author

    I LOVE SCIENCE! But every time a scientist refers to themself as "we" or "us", it just makes me feel like a second class citizen. Don't forget that the next Einstein is among is somewhere but probably will never be fortunate enough to discover their gift. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Big bang don't make sense, neither does dark matter. Probably just a singularity. All efforts on the collapse of that wave function thingy.

  • Brett Fisher Post author

    NDT is a great guy, but damn he is uniquely gifted at saying nothing at all. Case in point: this video.

  • Daniel Rodriguez Post author

    Ology. It means to study. Every single practice of science involves studying. Every single sentient being is studying it's way through life. We are all scientists. This guy thinks he is special. Every individual has insight into life, higher learning is important for making your insight shareable, and for gleaming insight from others perspectives… my issues with this ass hat is that he thinks he is better then the rest us. Fuck this guy. You do you. Don't let him tell you your ideas aren't as important as his.

  • SkyClap Post author

    It's funny how Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about beeing the internet's "friend", when he's known for being such an arrogant and dismissive prick.

  • gabby lipura Post author

    Lol This type of entitlement and self absorbed behaviour is the reason why people won’t listen to “scientists.” People don’t need people who just point out obvious problems with world that make us feel ashamed of our actions or inactions specifically. They need people who give solutions to the problem and you don’t need to be scientist to do this.

  • PRINCE INDRAJIT LAW. Post author


  • Fyrian Phoenix Post author

    I actually don't like him but love scientists. I find him pompous.

  • Ron Haytack Post author

    I am not a scientist, but I've been following you guys for quit a while, and I see the earth and the universe in a very cosmic way!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 THANKS

  • Jay Arre Post author

    Science isn't a religion, any and all humans are scientists. We have public school. Not special. You're just a person.

    NDT is an obvious religious Luciferian not a scientific Atheist at all.

  • Mar Roels Post author

    Did you think America is great?

  • Chris Schaiberger Post author

    As a neurosurgeon and a student of the brain for 50 years let me assure you that these comments by Degrasse-Tyson are absolute and utter bullshit! He is a charlatan and has no authority on this subject. Stay in your lane and try to salvage what is now a shattered reputation. Save your hubristic enthralling nonsense for the Rotary Club and the showers at the gym!

  • Ferdie Fox Post author

    Stfu Neil. You mad annoying now.

  • Ari Daniel Post author

    Wait when did this guy become a scientist? Has he published any paper?

  • Mark Green Post author

    Good insight.

  • Jocke Fast Post author

    Earth is flat. Just as our lord Satan intended.

  • Juan Pablo Sanchez Aveleyra Post author

    Sagan would have never said something as arrogant as this, if Neil stopped just hearing his own voice and actually listening and paying attention to other people, he'd realize there's genius in other people also.

  • Joseph Liang Post author

    Inarticulate mumble jumble. Let’s get someone else who can speak intelligently.

  • The Main Butterfly is Burning可 Post author

    One can only be doing science not being science you pompous buffoon.

  • S1gmus Post author

    Not even watching the video just coming in to tell Neil to shut the fuck up

  • Crocalu Post author

    Black Scientist Man: Scientists' brains are wired to narcisistically circle-jerk

  • Flatzoid FE Post author

    Neil is as scientific as a unicorn 🤭😒🤦

  • Maa'Quchii Post author

    I LOVE BRAIN…!!!!

  • Young Gun Post author

    This channel is great at pissing me off with crappy titles. I bet he doesn't even say anything like this but I'm not going to find out cuz I'm not watching.

  • Tehbotterami Arm Post author

    Proclaiming themselves wise, they became fools: The video

  • Wayne Searle Post author

    The whole cosmos speech

  • Desert Vox Post author

    I personally, like 1,000,000s of intelligent NON-SCIENTISTS out there, don't TRUST most of today's scientists to tell the WHOLE TRUTH about reality. Well, for OBVIOUS and not-so-obvious reasons: 1) They still know VERY LITTLE of reality, and 2) they are under a massive POLITICAL pressure to toe a particular line: THE ATHEIST, DARWINIST line, even though that was NOT the case 100, 200, years ago in those same groups of ppl. That's why.

  • RyanJL337 Post author

    Yo dis nigga gay mane.

  • Anthony Post author

    Why is everybody savage to Dr. Tyson? I see comment after comment of burn after burn. They’re funny but like, why is everybody hating on him? For the record, I personally respect him immensely for his intellect. Never met him but still

  • vic aldama Post author

    Oh this bore ! Yuck!

  • su pyrow Post author

    keep it simple… keep delivering fundamental subjects simple… raw science is attractive. to everyone… one love! from Da Bronx

  • Payge Post author

    Yeah it looks different to them cos it’s all imagination

  • Ada Ada Post author

    I think he is imlying to see thing things in Big Picture.

  • Ursallion GannonThraul Post author

    This video displays my hopes for the world.
    As we advance and depend on technology and it's makers; religion and tribalism becomes less relevant. And die off.

  • glamdrag Post author

    Thank you for sharing this video of him saying nothing

  • Adam Zaidi Post author

    Has NDT become mentally retarded?

  • Deus Ex Machina Post author

    Cognitive dissonance – fuck you human brain

  • Thomas Miller Post author

    KISS MY SCIENCE !!!!!!

  • Scott Dean Post author

    Zoom out!

  • Geo Huf Post author

    I don't look at the world as a geo- political map with colors and borders…please don't talk down to me, just because I am not a "scientist"…

  • Six Post author

    he really is a pretentious fuck isn't he.

  • kshiftkometh Post author

    he's always so vague

  • Sagittarius Post author

    Finally, some good f*cking content!

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