Master in Biology – Leiden University

Master in Biology – Leiden University

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Within this master I’m doing the Biodiversity
and Sustainability specialization. I’m from India. My specialization in Molecular Genetics
and Biotechnology. And I found out that Leiden University’s program
is structured for someone like me who is keen to work in a lab, who is keen to
work on research projects. The institute of Biology in Leiden collaborates
with a lot of different institutes and one of those is Naturalis it’s a biodiversity
center. I have my internship at Naturalis. I work on ants, I photograph them
and determine species. It’s a really great place because I’m close
to my supervisor so I can ask him a lot of questions. And there is just enough space for me to work. The Hortus Botanicus houses the first building
where Leiden University originally started in 1575. And since then they have been collecting a
huge number of different kinds of plants from different parts of the world. Even from India which made me feel at home. So I did courses like Plant Families of the
Tropics and I went to Borneo for one course. There is a lot of species still undiscovered
and we are rapidly losing the tropics. So we need to know as much as we can
before we lose it. You can tailor your program and then you can
diversify into other fields. You can take up other courses
and research projects. And it’s a wonderful thing that you can decide
the way you want your career to progress. The Leiden Biology Club really is a great
way to meet new people and really get involved in the student life of Leiden. Biology Leiden is situated at
the Bio Science Park. There are a lot of companies close by that
can offer internships or even job opportunities. You have a state-of-the-art facilities, fantastic labs. The faculty the has been really welcoming. And of course the research
they’re doing is phenomenal. So I’m glad I got the opportunity to come
here and learn so much.

2 thoughts on “Master in Biology – Leiden University

  • Suresh Ramachandra Post author

    Great Video & Impressive facilities

  • Deleted account Post author

    I did a project on ants in my bachelor's final year and still don't know what job opportunities can I make through it. Also I don't know if its right to do master's in Entomology. I want to do masters in such field which help me find a stable job. Is it possible? Please help me

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