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  • Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time' Post author

    Introduction to energy: potential and kinetic energy. Law of conservation of energy.

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  • Devante Kerr Post author

    I just want to point out that the last figure shows both potential and kinetic energy. There is both potential energy at the top of the diving board that turns into kinetic as he jumps off. After he lands though that is then potential energy rather kinetic energy because he stopped the initial movement of energy. Instead this video portrays that kinetic energy is at the bottom but it's actually more potential than kinetic at the bottom.

  • Laura Gordon Post author

    The narrator is gifted. Absolutely gifted. He has the ability to make this topic really come alive!

  • Jessica Hernandez Post author

    The narrator's voice is so soothing for some reason and he explains things so well.

  • Kaitlyn Lesley Post author

    Thank you Khan Academy for this awesome video!

  • Parkour Kid Post author

    Thanks sal khan

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