Biological Sciences | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds

Biological Sciences | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds

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If you want a broad degree at
molecular and cellular level of biology, the small
things if you like, then this is the place for you. And this is the course. [MUSIC PLAYING] So biological
sciences is the study of cellular and molecular life. It’s what goes on in
the cell and how cells interact with one another. First year was really broad,
gave us a little bit of insight into loads of different
areas, different topics. We have a little bit of
biochemistry and cell biology in our
first main module, called the Basis of Life. We did microbiology,
immunology, virology, a bit of plant science as well. They gave you a taste. They basically
introduced you how to use all the
different machines, using these little experiments. Going on to your
second year, there’s a range of themes
you can choose. You have infections
and diseases. You have molecular medicine. You have, if you’re
interested in plants, you can learn about plants,
plants and agriculture. And then last comes molecular
zoology, like animals and other organisms. So that really let’s you focus
in on what you want to do. In the third year, they
continue with the same theme. And they can then
choose a project which relates to that theme. You can pick between
a lab project, where you work one-on-one with
a supervisor in their lab. Or you’ll do a literature
review, where your supervisor will tell you the area
that they work in, and then you write a
review with a hypothesis based around that area. There are a whole range
of different things that students can do
to expand on the course that they’re doing. They can do a year
working in industry. We will support them in
applying for internships, either with
pharmaceutical companies, or in any other suitable
branch of science that they’re interested in. They can also have
the opportunity to do a year abroad, which
means that they can go and study in a university
elsewhere in the world. The other option that a number
of students can take up is the Mbio, which is the four
years integrated master’s. The fourth year, basically
3/4 of that year, is a research project
in a research lab where they will be working
alongside PhD students and principal investigators
who are working at the cutting edge of science. You have researchers
who are published. They’re known all
over the world. The stuff they’re doing
is stuff I didn’t even imagine about when I
first came to Leeds. You know that the lecturer
that’s explaining things to you has written papers about that. It’s really research
based, research intensive. They’re professionals. They’re high in their world. They know what they’re doing. And they’re happy to
talk to you about it. They love it when you are
interested in what they do. There is such a massive
amount of support. You get a personal tutor. And you get one-on-one
meetings with them every term, just to discuss how you’re
doing, if it’s going well, any problems you’ve got. You really build a
relationship with them. It’s really nice. There’s specific
placement officers, study abroad officers, there’s
a main employabilities officer. And so you always feel like
someone’s looking out for you. I arranged to come
to an open day. And when I came, I
just loved the campus. And I had a really nice tour. And I just sort of
thought, I can really imagine myself there. You just get a sense
of a family almost. You we’re an
undergraduate student that they weren’t going
to learn the name of. You were Sophie. And you’re going to
do biological science. And they’re going to teach
you the best they could. So it was a good decision. I made some really nice friends
from all over the world. I’m really glad
that I landed myself in Leeds, considering
the opportunities that I’ve gotten here. Now, I just feel like
anything I want to pursue, I’ve got sort of the right
stuff behind me to go for it.

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