Apartment of the Damned | Cry of Fear chapter 1 gameplay  – part 1

Apartment of the Damned | Cry of Fear chapter 1 gameplay – part 1

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A door! Another door. “I hate you!” why thanks. (In a sarcastic way) A bunker looking door, nice. A dead body, nothing usual. Alley-yoop! Door #4 A hanging body, how cliche. Why can’t people make windows that breaks automatically for you? For lazy people of course. Oh hey me. Since when did I start breaking windows? Like 5 years old or something? “I can’t take this anymore.” Bruh, life itself is a test deal with it. Bloody Mary! So spooky! (Not.) … Was that it? Anyways, moving on. Don’t worry, ma i’ll be back soon just as long as I can beat these shitholes on the way back. Locked. Better find me the code. Hello the- Whoa! Slow down S-Bo, this ain’t no race. Nice alley. This reminds me of Devil may Cry 2 a little bit. Stairs are quite detailed as well. This place looks familiar…. I know it’s from England but where? “ea45” “junesummer” Oops. Ran out of stamina. Alright then, let’s enter this code shit. Booyah! The freakin code is 9360. I’ma head back and unlock that lock. Man, Pewds, Mark and Jack used to play this game a long time ago. No wonder it was popular. The whole reason behind this video it’s because Well The trio inspired me to do this. I love those guys. Let’s see….. 9 3 6 9 (sorry for incorrect code) But at least we unlocked the door. Probably because some assh*** broke the knob. Better save first in case I die again. Come at me b*tch! Take that! And this! Wow, that was one weak sh*thead. “I hate sewers.” that’s what Francis says. That didn’t hurt at all. Eat knife mudf***ker! That’s what I thought. Weak. Is that all you got? Come on put some effort. Got it. That must be the door leading to the Apartment. Don’t worry man, I’ll rescue your sorry ass if I have to. I hate ladders sometimes. This must be the door. Whoever wrote that note must be a pedophile. I’m coming already! Sheesh. Hey trash kid! Want a knife up your arse? Dead. *ignores the flying man* Wild trash kid appears! and dies. How disappointing. What was that? Poor kids, they died because of the pedophile. Hey a key. and a syringe. Locked? What the hell? God damn it. Well that’s just f****** great. Judging by those pictures that pedo must’ve been really busy murdering those children. I feel bad for them. HOLY S***! The same room again?! Sigh. Looks like i’m gonna have to cut this part folks. Finally. You again? Ey, what’cha doing down there stalker? Watching ladies taking off their undies? Not anymore. This one’s stuck, let me take care of it. There ya go. What the hell is that sound? Oh a hole in a wall. Get in there damn it! I feel like I missed something…. Cut this part again. (Sigh) Oi, what’s that? Hell yeah! I got a pistol! Something I can shoot with! To be honest I was confused with the area so I had to go back and forth between places. Whoa! almost slipped. Due to the recoil I can’t shoot properly so I end up getting poked by these two pricks. see? Seriously, when will you ever stop appearing? dead again. Better go upstairs and see what’s in there. You really like killing kids don’t ya? Jebus Christ! come on! Fight me down here you lil’ prick! Oh so you want this to be personal eh? Well EAT THIS! YOU LIKED THAT HUH!? Damn, that looked bad. Ah, much better. Crap, a woman crying. I got a bad feeling about this….. Killing, cutting and eating children is a form of cannibalism, remember that guys. JEBUS MARY JOSEPH!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!! JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!

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