Amaltas|Cassia fistula|املتاس کی کہانی Amaltas k faide

Amaltas|Cassia fistula|املتاس کی کہانی Amaltas k faide

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Health benefits of Amaltas
Cassia fistula, that goes by the name Amaltas, is not only a very beautiful tree but also
extremely beneficial to the human body. This tree, with medium sized leaves and bright yellow flowers, has been used for its medicinal properties since time immemorial. Here are some of the countless health benefits that this tree offers Intestinal Disorders Application of Cassia Fistula pulp externally around the navel area can help children suffering from flatulence by ensuring evacuation. Pulp can also be mixed with almond or linseed
oil for easing bowel movement problems. 2. Skin disorders
Leaves of cassia fistula tree can effectively provide relief from skin irritation, swelling
and pain. You may use the juice and paste of its leaves to treat skin problems such as ringworm and inflammation in the hand or feet caused due to cold conditions. Rubbing leaves of cassia fistula on problematic areas of the skin can also be very effective. Constipation Pulp obtained from this tree, also known as cassia pulp, is known to be an effective laxative. Soak 50 grams of cassia pulp in water overnight and strain it. Mix 25 grams of sugar in it and use it to
treat constipation. The pulp of Cassia Fistula is a mild and harmless purgative. Common Cold: Cassia fistula is also effective in treating common cold. Inhalation of smoke from burning cassia fistula root can treat a running nose. The smoke is known to stimulate nasal discharge and thus provide relief. Immunity Booster Bark and fruits of this tree have great antioxidant properties and hence, can boost immunity of the body. Regular consumption of the extracts from the bark and fruits can improve natural immune response. Beneficial for cardiac problems
Amaltas leaves have heart-healthy properties. Prepare a decoction of the leaves and have it morning and evening. It helps reduce the unhealthy LDL cholesterol and makes the heart muscles strong. This improves the heart health. Fever Decoction of Amaltas is useful for treating fever. Prepare a decoction by boiling the leaves
of the tree in water. Filter and cool before having it. This will help you get relief from fever. This is one of the best cassia fistula medicinal uses. Wounds Cassia Fistula acts as great remedy for treating wounds. The herb promotes tissue regeneration and the juice extracted from the leaves is also used for dressing wounds. Relieves flatulence When you have digestion problem, or you eat food that produces gas, gas might collect
in your stomach and intestines, and this will cause pain. Use the pulp of the fruit to get relief. Make a paste of the fruit pulp and apply this around the navel. You will soon get relief from your gas. Fights inflammation
You get relief from inflammation and pain such as gout and rheumatism by having the leaves of the cassia fistula tree. Fry some leaves in mustard oil and have it
once daily. For gout, boil the root in milk and have it
once daily. This is one of the effective cassia fistula
medicinal uses. Cure for erysipelas Erysipelas occurs due to a bacterium group a Streptococcus. You will experience blister-like condition
with raised red patches on the skin. Make a paste of the leaves and mix it with
equal amounts of ghee. Apply this mixture to the affected parts to
get relief. Helps cure dyspepsia When you have an upset stomach, it can cause pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. Symptoms include nausea and bloating. You can get relief from these symptoms by having the decoction of the leaves of the Cassia fistula tree. Treat a chronic cough Preparation made from the fruit pulp of the cassia fistula tree is good for relieving chronic cough symptoms. Make a mixture of the pulp of the fruit with
a few teaspoons of ghee. Have this in the morning and night for two
weeks. Your cough will disappear. If people have bronchitis, you can use the
paste of the fruit with milk to get relief. Find bronchitis symptoms and treatment. Helps diabetics Amaltas is useful for diabetics in controlling the sugar levels in the blood. The action of the cassia fistula helps improve the insulin sensitivity and thus helps control the level of sugar in the blood. Relieves urinary problems When people have pain passing urine and can only do so by making an effort, the use of
Amaltas helps to relieve the pain. It helps them pass urine with ease. Make a paste of the root of the cassia fistula
tree by soaking it in water overnight. Mix this with ghee and have this daily in
the morning.This will relieve your distress. This is one of the effective cassia fistula
medicinal uses.

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