Как убрать темные круги (синяки) под глазами народными средствами в домашних условиях?

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Are you looking for how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes? I – Doctor, phytotherapeutist, nutritionist Boris Skachko. I understand you perfectly! And you know what the dark circles under the eyes? As the appearance of dark circles under the eyes? Dark circles under the eyes appear very simple! When for various reasons increased blood viscosity – viscous blood can not circulate freely through the vessels! It extends the venous vessels. And you see, that appeared in the dark
circles! For your body is the episode? If you understand that after the appearance of dark circles you must give your
body to rest! The blood is restored, the dark circles disappear. And everything is fine! You are out of the area at risk! If dark circles under the eyes you appear regularly – Think! The high viscosity of the blood at the same time and a high cardiac risk! In other words, the risk of sudden cardiac death! Or somewhere not stand a vessel – a heart attack or stroke! As a general rule, if you have dark circles under the eyes there regularly – then you are familiar with this diagnosis as the IRR, or NDCs! In other words, vascular dystonia (VVD) or neurocirculatory dystonia (NCD). They appear during hypoxia development in different areas of the brain
Brain! When disturbed environment estimation system environment. And the system of work regulation
internal organs. And you get the fear, the anxiety! What do you think that is not enough water and not enough air! You appear aggressive or vice versa apathy until the depression! No matter how your body will react to this situation! He shows that needs to be treated! We need to change the viscosity of the blood. A blood viscosity controls 1 body – this is the liver! That the liver is able to regenerate normal blood viscosity after any kind of stress! Whether it is physical stress or emotional stress!
Chemical or electromagnetic stress! It is not essential! Any one of them to increase the viscosity of the blood! And when any of them may appear dark circles under the eyes! Therefore, a local cosmetic treatment – it’s great! But! The most important thing! You have to help run their metabolic brain: the liver! You must restore the liver! I have published more than 40 books.
One of them: “What to do if you have liver” The book describes the basic conditions
the liver! As the liver can help! how
to ensure its operation. A liver will respond well
work. And provide your body with nutrients. And at the same time will control the viscosity of the blood! You need treatment for the body parts? In other words, you’ll be treated fears and anxieties? Or depression or dark circles under
eyes? This is your choice! You may want to conduct a comprehensive treatment? To change
state of the liver and blood. And bring your body to the adult level of activity! On another level of performance?
Please! Treatment according to the method of Dr. Skachko help! + 38-067-992-40-62, [email protected] The treatment aims to improve liver function. To eliminate many health problems. Including the dark circles under the eyes!

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