как вылечить гастрит эрозивный быстро в домашних условиях натуральными препаратами!

как вылечить гастрит эрозивный быстро в домашних условиях натуральными препаратами!

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How to cure erosive gastritis in the home with natural drugs? Hello! I greet you in a video
Channel Dr. Skachko! I – Doctor, phytotherapeutist,
nutritionist, naturopath Boris Skachko. Author of more than 50 published
books and brochures in different countries. You can buy the book
through the Internet. And today decided to continue
a series of video: Anything worth doing to
your time is up later? I decided to tell you about
treatment of erosive gastritis! Or rather – how to cure
erosive gastritis quickly. How to cure erosive gastritis in the home with natural
drugs! Some people know that
They have erosions in the stomach. And try to treat gastritis
erosive. With varying results. Which depend on the point
Application of the main efforts in the treatment of gastritis. significant enough
number of people – does not even suspect that
they have erosive gastritis! However, its presence
easy to guess. By diagnosis, unrelated
stomach! This also you will learn
in this video. Some people, self-conducting,
promote that they may appear
erosions in the stomach! And even a stomach ulcer! Handmade ulcer and erosion! And this you will also learn
from this video. Treat erosive gastritis
or not to treat erosive gastritis? If you look at the stats
Mortality – erosive Gastritis is not there. And it seems like the treatment of gastritis
erosive can be postponed until better times! But! Erosive gastritis – it
serious problem! Violating at least
your quality of life. A periodically – creating
a threat to life itself! So I suggest you
system how to treat and cure erosive gastritis. And you, as always, do
your right choice! The first diagnosis, without which
impossible erosive gastritis in vivo
– dyskinesia of gall bubble. Or more precisely – Dyskinesia
Biliary (DZHVP). In other words, is your jaundiced
when the bubble is reduced He wants and how he wants. A sphincter of Oddi cope
this can not be. And in the duodenum
gut bile is like during digestion
food (which should be fine). And is digesting
food. That already makes it possible to
for the formation of erosions in the stomach. But! If you have
another diagnosis: duodeno-gastric reflux (GDR). In principle, the duodeno-gastric
reflux (DGR) is at all! But! If this physiological
duodeno-gastric reflux – the contents of the duodenum
intestine into the stomach only a few seconds. And only then, when your
stomach pushes into the duodenum gut digested food! In this case, the erosion in the stomach
do not appear. But if the bile from the gall
bubble penetrates into the duodenum intestine, and from it – in the stomach
is digestion in the stomach – here and there
erosions in the stomach. If not cured in a timely manner
duodeno-gastric reflux – there is an erosive
gastritis! And begin the search as a
heal erosive gastritis. If you get to spend
only treatment of erosive gastritis – such treatment
It can be long enough. But to heal erosive
gastritis optimally fast – to cope with dyskinesia
gallbladder and tame duodeno-gastric reflux
(DGR) at the same time. In other words, if you are looking for
treatment of erosive gastritis, then you do not erosive gastritis
should be treated! A liver and gall bladder! To regulate the flow
bile into the intestine! And the motility of the stomach! And the first thing is very important and
free change. to heal erosive
gastritis quickly at home conditions – remove all
chemical products additives. In other words, more than
natural products Your diet will consist
– the faster will recover erosive gastritis! Even if these components
not irritate the stomach itself! When injected into their blood
will remove the liver. In other words, the work of the liver
It is a blood purification and lymph. And the better your work
liver – the more As will increase
amount of bile! The more bile highlights
your liver – the harder gallbladder handle her! Dyskinesia of the gallbladder
exacerbated! A duodeno-gastric reflux
It supports erosive gastritis! This free treatment
erosive gastritis not all fit! Not everyone is ready to change yourself! Indeed, erosive
gastritis can not treat! perhaps the self-healing
erosive gastritis! However, when broken
work decrease liver and formation of bile. The liver usually appears
all steatosis (fatty regeneration of liver cells)
or steatohepatitis. And will you steatohepatitis
alcoholic or non-alcoholic, medical or after
acute myocardial Hepatitis B – it’s your choice. And it seems that this is the most
simple treatment of erosive gastritis! Time cures! But! In any case, the fat
gepatoze or steatohepatitis usually develops metabolic
syndrome! Which included diabetes
diabetes, atherosclerosis, gout and high blood pressure. metabolic syndrome
– the name of the optimists! Pessimists call another
– deadly quartet! Just listed diagnoses
leading cause of death occupy places of honor in the first
the top ten! And that was in the beginning? Not deadly erosive
gastritis? So I would advise
to begin treatment in the step erosive gastritis! The second – to enter treatment
gastritis medicated oils. I often use oil
Sea buckthorn fruit oil rosehip oil
wheat germ oil pumpkin seeds, seed oil
flax, thistle oil fruits in various combinations. Which depend on the accompanying
diseases. Healing oils help
recover faster gastric mucosa. And at the same time in a
formation of smaller bile reduce the likelihood
the formation of stones in the gall bubble. Oil to make the best of
30-40 minutes before eating. And in the case of chronic
pancreatitis or gallstones disease (stones in the gall
bladder) – medicated oils take right before eating
or during a meal with food. The third – to enter treatment
erosive gastritis chelators. Sorbents help neutralize
toxins coming from food until you change
diet. Or toxins formed
in the lumen of the intestinal pathogenic microflora. And also accumulated in your
the body before toxins. Especially needed sorbents
if not simply erosive gastritis. And there are petechial hemorrhages. This shows a more
significant levels of endogenous intoxication! And more suited
no coal, and silicon chelators. usually chelators
are assigned to the course to 2-3 weeks. And, most often, in such a short
term complete cleansing of the body can not be carried. Therefore, I propose another
one enterosorbent Fiber Boost, which is receiving a course
practically unlimited. More often take sorbents
between meals intervals about 2 hours. Which creates some
Difficulty with the reception of sorbents. And at the same time to meet
diet. Fiber Boost sorbent can take
both during the meal (if you still not fully confident
as foods). And soon after eating,
30-40 minutes later. and if there is a duodeno-gastric
reflux – bile gets in sorbent. Fourth – the need to stimulate
the secretion of gastric juice! Even if the acidity is not
lowered! Not to reduce acidity! This is a common mistake! And stimulate the release of
gastric juice! gatekeeper closes
the inside of the stomach! If there is sufficient
amounts of hydrochloric acid in the cavity of the stomach! In other words, when the basal
secretion is stored (in the stomach is there an active digestion
gastric juice) – probability duodeno-gastric reflux
minimal! As main choice for
treatment of erosive gastritis – Drinking gel based
Aloe – Mind Master. Aloe juice has both
and sokogonnym activity. And wound-healing effect. And antibacterial activity. Therefore, you can use
even in the treatment of erosive gastritis associated
with Helicobacter pylori! A complex of Mind Master in general
also favored by the regulation reactivity nervous system. What is very important to eliminate
the main causes of erosive gastritis: biliary dyskinesia
tract and gall bladder. And also – duodeno-gastric
Reflux! How to take
Drinking Gel with Aloe Mind Master? If you spend treatment
erosive gastritis, and want heal erosive gastritis
at home – then with preserved or increased
gastric acid secretion – it is better to take after
every meal! If the acidity reduced
– best before meals. The main task – to
bile does not hit in the stomach between meals! If the meal was
porridge, vegetable stew, vegetable soup – take 30-40
min after the start of food. If the eggs, meat, fish or
Poultry – 1-1.5 hours. It can be used individually
selected drug fees plants. But this requires consultation
physician nutritionist and fitoterapevta. Such a scheme is already sufficient
to cure Erosive gastritis at home. But. If you erosive gastritis
treat for a long time. Either because of the presence of
Helicobacter pylori took antibiotics – then there
intestinal dysbiosis. And in the course of treatment should be added
probiotics. And the more variety
beneficial microorganisms in each capsule – the
more likely to recover intestinal microflora. Probiotic LR 12 comprises 12 strains
beneficial microorganisms. Which dramatically increases the likelihood of
recovery saprophytic intestinal microflora. The simplest indicator
you have dysbiosis intestines and you need a probiotic
– regular bloating or intestines (flatulence)
after meal. Also carminative. With or without pronounced odor
smell – not a big deal values. In any case, your
food actively proliferate microorganisms in the gut! And also possible unpleasant
odor from the body or mouth. Sixth. Of course, you must
compliance with sparing diet. The stomach should not fall
roughage. Therefore, in the diet for a period of
Treatment should absolutely absent raw vegetables
and fruits, berries and herbs. And food should be
freshly prepared. In other words, the fall
in the stomach in the form of heat. spices limited
depending on the degree of acute gastritis! Instead of the presence of erosions in
stomach! Options for individual
nutritional advice today – about 8 billion! According to the number of inhabitants of the planet
Earth. Therefore, all in one video
options can not be described. individual recommendations
you can only get in a personal consultation. But. There is another positive
moment. Approximately the same scheme
treatment of ulcers in the stomach. But over time, this is what I
I write video. How to provoke erosive
gastritis without dyskinesia gall bladder and reflux? Many of the wire
treatment of food soda. Just your stomach all
the same way in which fall the stomach baking soda. Through the pylorus in the composition
bile or through the esophagus with water! And what a soda – FOOD
soda or bicarbonate sodium. Either hydrated soda or carbonate
sodium! In any case, the alkali in
stomach promotes erosions in the stomach. As well as treatment with soda food
It facilitates the movement of atrophic gastritis through
cancer of the stomach! Which occurs in an alkaline
environment! But! There are both positive
moment – if you stop treatment of the food soda
you’ll have a cure erosive gastritis FREE! True then need
restore the stomach. And this is a topic for a new video. And on this positive note
I’ll check out this video. With familiar subscribers
my channel words. Good health to you! And a reasonable attitude toward it! And while you think someone sent
Link to this video. Do not forget to put on
Like it! And I think some more videos
write on the theme of health and active longevity
for you. Until next time on my
Dr. channels and Skachko School Dr. jump.

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